5 Luxury Activities to Do When in Malta

Luxury travel has started to lean more towards slowing things down and relishing experiences. More than just the destination itself, luxury travel in 2023 is defined by creating fulfilling experiences and doing away with factors that take away from your leisure (like big crowds, long lines, and inconveniences such as flight delays.) This trend is one of the main contributors to the resurgence of Malta’s tourism post-pandemic. The country is defined by its stunning views, unforgettable landscapes, and rich culture that favors taking it slow and getting away from it all. So, if you’re planning to take your luxury vacation in the magical Mediterranean archipelago, here are some luxury activities in Malta that will elevate your trip.

Explore Malta’s Skies

Malta’s beauty benefits from its small population, with only 444,723 Maltese citizens in 2023. That said, this doesn’t mean its streets and landscapes don’t get filled with tourists during peak seasons. What better way to be free of the bustling crowds than enjoying the place from the skies? It doesn’t hurt that you get a breathtaking vantage point of the crystalline waters, historic structures, and magnificent islands as well.

You can charter your own helicopter for a guided tour of some of the most popular sites like the Dingli Cliffs and Valletta. Alternatively, you can try having ‘Dinner in The Sky’, which is a unique fine dining experience that is exclusive to 22 guests an evening. The view can’t be beaten, and the menu is also delectable.

Take a Culinary Tour of Malta

What kind of trip is complete without diving into the local cuisine? You can get a good feel for the different tastes and offerings that represent the culture by taking a culinary tour of Malta. There are plenty of amazing Michelin restaurants that dot the islands, like the contemporary fusion Under Grain and Bahia, which is tucked away in one of the quieter villages and offers locally sourced delights.

There’s something about indulging in good food that simply makes any luxury vacation better than it would have been without such gastronomic delights. Goat’s cheese, Kapunata, and Pastizzi are just some of the popular favorites that define the local fare.

Go Diving at Gozo

Just because you’re going for luxury, doesn’t mean you are limited to lazy days on the beach. If you’re looking for more exciting options, you can go diving at Gozo. It’s actually considered a “sister island” to Malta, but you can access it through a quick ferry ride. One of the most reliable ‘Tips to Take Your Next Luxury Vacation to the Next Level’ you can follow is adding some excursions to your itinerary and specifically reaching out to professionals. Luxury diving holidays are actually one of the highlights of Gozo, with expert divers taking you to some of the most astonishing diving sites you can lay your eyes on.

Go Wine Tasting in Malta’s Vineyards

Picture this – the sun is setting down as your hair billows from the soft breeze, and you take a sip of some of the finest vino you can get specially prepared for you. This is the type of experience you can get from visiting Malta’s great vineyards. Mar Casar and Marsovin are some of the best wineries you can check out to get award-winning selections. The wine-tasting options here can truly rival some of the more popular options for wine lovers like Napa Valley or Bordeaux. It’s also worth noting the Tal-Massar wine tasting is a standout for its accompanying charcuterie.


Take In All That the Palazzo Parisio Offers

The Palazzo Parisio is one of the most popular spaces to visit in Malta for good reason. The 20th-century palace is a vision to behold, and its lush gardens, interiors, and architecture are great for basking in the ambiance. New visitors will also find the exteriors even more visually appealing as the Foreign Ministry refurbished the premises in early 2023.

You can have some afternoon tea in the gardens, check out the exquisite dishes at the Luna Restaurant, or charter the palace’s very own yacht, Jupju. Jupju can be taken across the Maltese Peninsula or all the way to Sicily at any pace you’re comfortable with. Even better, the charter comes with Palazzo staff and a Luna chef aboard.

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