5 Things You Have To Consider Before Visiting The Vatican City

One place that has always fascinated me is Vatican City. Whether you are Christian or not, visiting the Vatican while on a trip to Rome will be absolutely worth your time and money. It’s full of history, stunning architecture, and culture. However, before you decide to go, there are a few things that you have to consider first.

No, the Vatican is not in Italy

Let’s clear this up once and for all. No, the Vatican is not in Italy! The moment you enter Vatican City, you have officially left Italy. It actually qualifies as the smallest sovereign state on the planet, with a size of only 109 acres and a population of 801 people. While Vatican City was part of Rome for centuries, it declared its independence in 1929. Vatican City is governed as a monarchy, with the Pope at its head.

There is a dress code

Before you visit Vatican City, you have to know that there is a certain dress code that you have to follow. Avoid wearing revealing clothing, such as short dresses or shorts. Your shoulders should be covered as well, and while sandals are okay, flip-flops are considered to be too casual. If you are wearing a hat, you will be asked to remove it when entering the buildings in the Vatican.

The lines are long

We have to warn you, every line at the Vatican WILL be long, and you WILL have to stay in line for up to a few hours. There will be lines even if you arrive extra early, so your best option is to plan ahead. You can opt for pre-purchase guided tours, which would allow you to skip the line for tickets. The three most popular tours are St. Peter’s Basilica with Dome Climb and Crypt, the Vatican Gardens Tour on Minibus, and the 6-hour trip to Castel Gandolfo.


You have a realistic chance of seeing the Pope

The first thing most people think about when hearing the word Vatican is the Pope. But not many people know that you actually have a very realistic chance of seeing the Pope on your visit to the Vatican. You have the option of attending a public audience if you make sure to reserve a seat first. The reservation is mandatory, however, this activity will be free of additional charge.

These audiences are held every Wednesday, and they last from 1 to 2 hours. You can make the reservations either by phone or fax, and then pick up your ticket at the Bronze Door. The Audience takes place on Saint Peter’s Square in the summer and is held in the Audience Hall in the winter. But you can see the Pope even without attending these audiences. He appears from his window every Sunday at noon, and talks for about half an hour.

There is a 2000-year-old cemetery

If you love visiting cemeteries, then you will love hearing that you have the chance of visiting a 2000-year-old cemetery that is right underneath Saint Peter’s Basilica. This ancient graveyard is considered to be a mix of Christian and pagan tombs. Only 250 people are allowed to visit this place per day. So needless to say, you will have to book your visit in advance.

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