A Full Guide to the TV Show Bewitched

Many of today’s young generations are not familiar with the TV show Bewitched. However, during its airing, this series was the talk of the town. The show was set in Westport, Connecticut, and it is about a stylish ‘young’ witch who marries a handsome businessman and vows to live her life like a typical housewife. Because of its enchanting story-line, many households watched the TV show until its final episode in March 1972. So, why is this series so iconic? Here are some details about the TV show Bewitched and what seemed to make it so beloved.

Main Characters

Samantha Stephens

In Bewitched, Elizabeth Montgomery played the role of Samantha Stephens, a stunning witch. As mentioned, she married Darrin Stephens, a mortal. For this reason, she vowed to live a normal life. Unfortunately, she was seen having difficulty adjusting to a mortal life throughout the series. Even so, she was able to be a typical housewife with ease… and possibly a little magic.

Darrin Stephens

Darrin Stephens was initially played by Dick York during the show’s first season through the fifth season. Unfortunately, Dick York had to be replaced by Dick Sargent due to health reasons.

The character of Darrin Stephens is quite charming. After all, he works as an advertising man at the famous McMann & Tate Advertising agency. At first, he didn’t know that Samantha was a witch. However, she told him about her magical powers after their marriage on their wedding night. Still, Darrin persuaded his wife to stop using witchcraft and to live an ordinary life.


Portrayed by Agnes Moorehead, Endora is the mother of Samantha and the main antagonist in Darrin’s life. Like every witch, she doesn’t reveal her surname. She even told Darrin that her surname was unpronounceable. Some references noted that she was close to a thousand years old.

Most of the time, she shows her disapproval of Darrin. In fact, she made several failed attempts to break up the adorable couple. As the show continued, Endora’s hostility to her daughter’s husband mellowed just a bit.

Other Characters include Larry Tate, Darrin’s greedy yet mostly lovable boss, Aunt Clara, Samantha’s flight and adorable aunt, and Tabitha, Darrin and Samantha’s daughter.

Why is Bewitched such as Stylishly Iconic Show?

As mentioned, this TV series was a hit back in the day and up until today it still holds onto the hearts of many adoring fans. One reason is due to its superb ensemble, which consists of top-notch actors and actresses. Aside from that, Samantha Stephens is charming and appealing. In fact, her beauty and talent attract a lot of the series’ loyal fans. Of course, let’s not forget her stylish outfits and the famous nose twitch that captivated many TV audiences.

In fact, it’s important to mention that it was stylishly groundbreaking for its time. The amount of detail that went into Samantha’s stunning outfits, as well as the show’s sets, was frankly iconic. I’d also love to give a shout-out to all the breathtaking Lucie Ann robes that Samantha wore regularly.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are the important details about the TV show Bewitched. As presented, the series’ popularity lasted throughout the years because of its captivating storyline and magnificent cast. As such, many of today’s youngsters want to know where they can watch this iconic TV show. The good news is that it is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant. Its first two seasons are also free to watch on Tubi.

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