A Morning Visualization Meditation

This visualization exercise is a great way to manifest the day you’re looking to have. I recommend doing it in the morning prior to getting up and starting your day.

Before we begin, take a moment to get comfortable.

Focus on your breath.

As you inhale, imagine you are breathing in a vibrant white light. Allow it to fill your body with warmth and love. Allow your shoulders to drop down and relax.

Feel the stress slowly melt off your body with each exhale from your head down to your toes.

Now, allow your mind to drift to what you are grateful for. 

What brings you joy in your daily life?

Take a moment to uncover those precious things that bring you the upmost joy in your life and live in that feeling for a second.

Now, coming from this place of joy and gratitude, think about your day today.


What would you like to accomplish today?

Take a moment to visualize your day and see yourself accomplishing everything you want today with ease. Allow that sense of gratitude you are feeling to color your visualization. You will accomplish everything you want today with ease, joy, and gratitude.

Do you drive to work? See a safe, easy drive to your place of work.

Do you need to stop by the store? See yourself in the easiest experience picking up what you need.

Do you need to work on an important project? See yourself making a lot of progress on or even finishing this project both successfully and with ease.

If you can see it, know that you can achieve it.

Once you have visualized your full, successful day, send this feeling of positivity, gratitude, and accomplishment out into the universe.

Say in your mind, “This is my intention for today. So be it.”

And with that, release the energy you have been feeling out into the world.

Now, it’s time to begin your day. Open your eyes, and allow yourself to have a focused, fresh and clear mindset.

Enjoy your day!

Malorie Mackey

Malorie Mackey is an actress, published author, and adventurer based out of Los Angeles, California. Throughout her experiences, Malorie found a love for travel and adventure, having journeyed to over a dozen countries experiencing unique locations. From the lush jungles of the Sierra Madre mountain range to the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, Malorie began adventuring and writing about her unique travels. These travel excerpts can be found on VIVA GLAM Magazine, in Malorie’s Adventure Blog, in Malorie’s adventure show “Weird World Adventures” and in the works for her full-length travel book. Stay tuned as Malorie travels the world bringing its beauty and wonder to you.

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