Achile Chatouilleu, The Terrifying Clown Corpse and Other Bodies on Display You Can Visit Around the World

Throughout history, humans have preserved the bodies of their loved ones for one reason or another. After all, different cultures celebrate life and death in a variety of unique and interesting ways. In fact, there are several famous people whose preserved bodies are currently on display. And many not so famous, too. If you’re fascinated by seeing corpses, you can travel to some of these below tourist destinations to catch a glimpse of the deceased. Here are some of the famous bodies on display you can visit around the world.

Achile Chatouilleu – California


Some of you may be familiar with “The French Tickler,” a famous clown during the 1900s. While alive, he was Achile Chatouilleu, and he died in 1912. One of his wishes was to be displayed wearing his favorite costume. To be specific, he wished to embalmed wearing his Shriners parade costume, which he wore in the first Shriners parade. Fortunately, Carl Crew of the C.I.A. made his wish come true.

Today, you can visit Achile Chatouilleu’s preserved body at the California Institute of Abnormal Arts. Achile was embalmed with arsenic and mercury. As such, his 105-year-old body is sealed in a coffin with a glass top.

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The Mummies of Guanajuato – Mexico

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Perhaps, the most popular bodies on display you can visit are The Mummies of Guanajuato in Mexico. After all, they tend to have a line of people down the street waiting to catch a glimpse of them daily. These mummies were thought to be naturally mummified after many died in a cholera outbreak in Mexico. Guanajuato was thought to have a climate that could result in natural mummification… but a more disturbing theory has emerged recently. (To hear more about it, be sure to read our full piece linked below). During the 1900s, the mummified bodies started attracting tourists. By 1969, the place was converted into a museum known as the El Museo de las Momias (The Museum of the Mummies).

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3. Mummy Juanita – Peru


Also known as the “Inca ice maiden,” Mummy Juanita is a mummified body of a little girl. According to studies, the girl was a human sacrifice and died about 500 years ago. The mummified body of the little girl was found in the Peruvian Andes. Researchers believe that the freezing temperature in that area is the reason for her intact body. Today, you can visit Mummy Juanita at the Catholic University’s Museum of Andean Sanctuaries in Peru.

Tutankhamun – Egypt


The last on this list of bodies on display you can visit around the world is the mummified body of Tutankhamun, the child-king of Egypt. The preserved body was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. According to the experts, he died during his teenage years. After the discovery, the mummified body of the king was placed inside a glass box and was brought to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

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