All Roads Lead To Rome: While You’re There, Visit These Five Locations

If you’re planning to travel to Italy, Rome is the one city that you can’t miss out on. It’s full of history, culture, and the best food you’ve ever had (in my opinion). This famous and historic city is filled with different locations that you as a tourist can visit. In fact, there are actually so many spots that it can easily get a bit overwhelming. So if your time is limited, and you can’t dedicate a whole month to exploring “The Eternal City,” then here are five locations that you just can’t miss out on.

The Colosseum

This is a no-brainer, right? How could you visit Rome without also going to see the Colosseum? This is the oldest ancient building that has stood the test of time. It was built somewhere between 73 and 80 AD. It stands 157 feet tall and is considered the largest still-standing amphitheater in the entire world. The Colosseum is located in the center of Rome, and it’s easy to get there by metro. You can either admire it from the outside or book a ticket and tour it from the inside. Tickets are priced at 18 euros.

Santa Maria in Via

If you are a fan of visiting historic churches, then Santa Maria in Via is the one place you shouldn’t miss out on. It was founded in the Dark Ages, and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The main entrance is on Largo Chigi, but be careful not to confuse it with the nearby Santa Maria in Via Lata. These two churches are pretty similar, and both are considered historic monuments. The Santa Maria in Via church today serves as a national church for the Ecuadorian community.

Fontana di Trevi


How could you go to Rome without tossing a coin in the Fontana di Trevi? No one knows how this tradition started, however, we would highly suggest that you take part in it too. Why? Because all of the money that is tossed into the water isn’t wasted. The Fontana di Trevi gets drained once a week, and all of the money inside it goes to the Italian Red Cross. However, before you visit this magical place, we have to warn you that there will most likely be a huge crowd of people. If you want to get a good picture, or you just want to avoid crowds, try visiting it as early in the morning as possible.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of the most famous and recognizable buildings in Rome’s city center. Construction started in 27 BCE on the order of Marcus Agrippa. However, this ancient building remains almost untouched to this day. You can book a guided tour for only 25 euros if you are interested to learn more about this historic building,

The Pincio


The Pincio is one of the oldest gardens in Rome, and it’s best known for the stunning view of the Vatican that you can get from there. But even if you aren’t interested in admiring the Vatican, the Pincio is still worth a visit. The Pincio, which includes a terrace and a promenade, was built in the fifth century. It is located on a hill, and it offers stunning views of Rome. It’s also ideal to visit by bike, as there is a paved area behind the viewpoint specifically made for bikers.

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