All You Need to Know About the Hello Kitty Airplane

Today, the Hello Kitty airplane is gaining popularity because of the unique travel experience it provides. I mean, I heard about it in passing and then spent hours researching it. It’s such a unique and exciting opportunity for those lucky enough to find themselves on this specific plane. So, if you’re a fan of this adorable cartoon character, or if you just love unique experiences, you have to check out EVA Air’s Hello Kitty airplane and other EVA Special Livery Jets. What should you expect when you take this flight? To answer this question, here are some facts about the Hello Kitty airplane.

Getting to Know Hello Kitty

In 1974, Hello Kitty was created. As mentioned, this adorable creature is a fictional character of Sanrio, a famous Japanese company. Keep in mind that Hello Kitty is not a cat but a female character. Aside from that, she also has a sister named Mimi and a pet cat named Charmmy Kitty. A few years after she was introduced, Hello Kitty became a global franchise. (I mean, there are many Sanrio characters, but most people only recognize Hello Kitty.)

In 2017, Hello Kitty became a United Nations Travel Ambassador, and her duties include promoting responsible and safe traveling. Aside from that, she also encourages traveling, and she uses travel as a way to promote change.

The History of the Hello Kitty Airplane

In October 2005, the first Hello Kitty Airbus was introduced, and the second one was presented to the public one year after. Unfortunately, Hello Kitty disappeared because its product license had expired. The good news is that the Hello Kitty Airplane returned in time for the 50th anniversary of Sanrio and the 20th anniversary of EVA. When the airplane returned, the airline expanded the in-flight experience and added three new airbuses.

Today, there are seven Hello Kitty Airplanes known as the Seven EVA special Livery Jets, including the following:

  • Shining Star
  • Sanrio Family Hand in Hand
  • Joyful Dream
  • Comfort Flight
  • Friendship Bows
  • Celebration Flight

What to Expect When Taking the Hello Kitty Airplane?

Because the Hello Kitty Airplane is a unique flight, your in-flight experience will be filled with surprises. For example, you will be greeted by flight attendants wearing Hello Kitty aprons. You will also notice that Hello Kitty is present all over the plane, including on your headrest and pillows. The bathrooms are also designed with the Hello Kitty theme.

All in all, the Hello Kitty Airplane is filled with adorable Hello Kitty decorations that fans will surely love and enjoy. The best part is the various in-flight amenities that will make your trip comfortable. You can even drink pink champagne and eat delicious meals inspired by Hello Kitty, making your travel experience a memorable one.

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