Allegedly Haunted or Cursed Graves Around the United States

You know that we love to discuss two topics here: travel and paranormal activity. But what if we combine these two? As weird as it sounds, whenever I go on a trip to a new city I always love to do a cemetery tour. Especially if we’re talking about a bigger place with a rich history and culture. There’s actually so much that you can learn there. And having a walk in such quiet places can also give you the opportunity to unwind from your travel craziness. If you decide to visit one of these allegedly cursed graves from our list, you may have the chance to encounter a ghost or two!

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery — Illinois

Let’s start with a classic that’s probably already on the bucketlist of a lot of you. Located near Chicago, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is infamous for its reported paranormal activity. I’m talking ghostly apparitions, strange smells, unexplainable sounds, and mysterious lights. There have been so many visitors that have reported sightings of phantom figures wandering among the tombstones, as well as eerie sounds and sensations. Of course, cemetery’s isolated and overgrown appearance only adds to its spooky reputation. So if you’re looking for a spot for your next ghost hunting trip — this one would be ideal.

we’re talking about the most haunted cemeteries in Europe. Here are some that no ghost-lover should miss out on

Stull Cemetery — Kansas

It’s no secret that Stull Cemetery, located in rural Kansas, has long been associated with dark legends and eerie tales. According to local legends, the cemetery is a gateway to hell, and on certain nights, the devil himself is said to appear at the old church that once stood on the grounds. Honestly — to me this sounds absolutely terrifying. Unsurprisingly, the cemetery has been the subject of numerous urban legends and has attracted thrill-seekers and occultists from around the country. The place itself, at least according to my Google research, also looks like straight out of a horror movie I would be too afraid to watch. So if you’re feeling brave — book your ticket to Kansas. I know that I won’t though.

Resurrection Cemetery — Illinois

Resurrection Cemetery, located in Justice, Illinois, is home to one of the most enduring ghost stories in American folklore—the legend of Resurrection Mary. According to local lore, Mary is the ghost of a young woman who was killed in a car accident near the cemetery in the 1930s. Since then, numerous motorists have reported picking up a hitchhiker matching Mary’s description, only for her to vanish from their cars as they pass by the cemetery. The legend of Resurrection Mary has inspired countless books, movies, and ghost stories, cementing her place as one of America’s most famous ghosts. And allegedly, this ghost celebrity’s final resting place is in this location.

Boothill Cemetery — Arizona


Boothill Cemetery, located in Tombstone, Arizona, is the final resting place of some of the Wild West’s most notorious characters, including outlaws, lawmen, and gunfighters. The cemetery earned its name due to the high number of violent deaths that occurred in the area during the 19th century. Visitors to Boothill Cemetery have reported eerie encounters, such as strange lights, ghostly apparitions, and the sounds of disembodied voices. This cemetery is particularly popular during people who enjoy and love the Old West culture. So, if that’s something that interests you too — you would definitely have a blast here!

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