Jungla Maya Native Park

If you love adventure, then you need to connect with AllTourNative the next time you’re in the Cancun or Tulum areas. I had the pleasure of adventuring with Alltournative while I was staying at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. My tour group and I were picked up by Pablo, our guide with AllTourNative, early in the morning. Our day began at the Jungla Maya Park, a place you have to see to believe.

This park sits in the middle of the jungle on Mayan land. The family that owns the land still inhabits it and has a small village by a fresh water cenote in the middle of the park. They rented the land out to the folks at Jungla Maya Native Park, which makes for one incredible tour experience.

The Journey

We began our journey by getting into a large bus and riding out on a bumpy path into the jungle. We were taken to our first adventure location at Jungla Maya: the zip-line. After getting properly secured into our harnesses, we climbed the ominous bridge up to the first zip-line. All of the zip-line huts were that: simple, hut-shaped wooden towers with straw-like roofs. The bridges to get up to the towers were hanging bridges that went from the ground up to the tower; that means that they sway, and the higher up you go, the more vertical you are climbing on this bridge. It provides for one amazing view, but it’s definitely not the tour for you if you are afraid of heights!


After being secured on the first zip-line rope, we were pushed out over the treetops on the line, soaring high above the jungle. If you were brave enough to let go of your harness, you could experience the feeling that you were actually flying. After the first zip-line, we took a path through the trees to get to the second tower. We did the second zip-line the same way.

If you visit this park, keep in mind that the only type of camera you can have in the park is a go pro with a head mount or a chest mount. Luckily for me, I brought my go pro head mount so I can look back at all the amusing times we had there.

That being said, they have photographers there who take photos of everything! Their photo package is pretty expensive, but it’s worth it seeing how this will most-likely be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The Village

After the first two zip-lines, we made it to a restroom and cubby area to part with our belongings. We were given a few minutes to visit the village store of the family who owns the land and purchase any nick-knacks. Then, we were sent to the third zip-line. This zip-line ended in the waters of the actual cenote cave. So, before doing this, we had to rinse off any sunscreen. Down in this area, they are very serious about preserving the natural environment, and sunscreen can damage the caves and the animal life within the water. So, I appreciate their concern for the environment. However, being as pale as I am, I got very sunburned. But I’ll take one for the team, as I really don’t want to harm the environment.

The Cenotes

This was my favorite part of the tour: the zip-line into the cenote. You can see that you’re clearly zip-lining into a cave of water from the moment you take off on the line. I don’t know why I didn’t anticipate the water being as chilly as it was, but before you even realize it, you crash into the cold cave water and make quite an impressive splash. You can’t help but giggle when you land in the water. From there, an attendant detaches you from the zip-line, and there is a rope to help you pull yourself out of the water. As I made my way out of the cave, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and blue the fresh water was and how adorable the bats were that were flying over my head.


Once out of the cool water, Pablo explained that there was a system of 300km of water caves throughout this area, but we were about to snorkel through only a small section of the front of it. And it was an incredible experience. After being given snorkeling gear, we jumped into the cenote and snorkeled through the cave system. Though there wasn’t a lot of overhead space in the cave, the part of the cave that was underwater was both extensive and beautiful.



After snorkeling, we did two additional zip-lines. The first was the tallest in the park, and the second was the longest in the park. After that, we wound up at the rappelling course. I was terrified, at first. We rappelled down into one of the water caves. Rappelling is so much easier than it seems, but your safety relies on your ability to keep yourself stable with your dominant hand. After the initial drop back, I was having a ball, rappelling much faster than I thought I would. They allowed you to splash down into the water at the bottom, but to protect my go pro, I didn’t. Then, we swam out of the cave to land.


To get out of the jungle, we got into an old military vehicle and floored it. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland- it was the equivalent of the Indiana Jones ride in real life. That was definitely the ride of my lifetime.

After a delicious buffet lunch, made up of mostly vegetarian assortments, we were off to our next adventure with AllTourNative.

If you are ever in the Tulum, Riviera Maya, or even the Cancun areas, definitely check out AllTourNative. Their tours are eco-friendly, safe, and a lot of fun. It’s definitely the way to travel if you are an adventure lover, and they will pick you up from most of the mainstream hotels down in those areas. I know I’ll be returning there one day, and I’ll definitely be trying another one of their adventure tours.

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