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Kanita is a wanderlust-fueled traveler with an inclination for unraveling the mysteries of history, the paranormal, and the bizarre world of medicine. As a true crime buff, Kanita's nights are often spent delving into the depths of chilling mysteries. Yet, it's not just the paranormal that captivates her—her background in medicine fuels a fascination with the weird and wonderful world of medical oddities, from twisted historical practices to the myths and legends that shroud the field. From exploring haunted locales to uncovering the strange and morbid tales of medical history, Kanita is your guide to the unconventional, the unexplained, and the downright eerie.


The Weirdest Things Redditors Have Eaten While Traveling

It’s no secret that traveling the world often leads to unforgettable culinary adventures, where local dishes range from the deliciously exotic to the outright bizarre. However, that sure is part of the joy when it comes to traveling. But when does adventurism turn into regret? And how far is too far when it comes to…
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Yoga and Meditation Retreats 2024 — Let’s Find Your Zen Again

Feeling the need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with yourself? It’s still not too late to join a 2024 yoga retreat! They are not only the perfect escape from your everyday stresses, but also an opportunity to find your zen. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner…
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Summer in the City — Fun Vacation Locations For People Who Don’t Like Beaches

Not everyone dreams of sunbathing on sandy shores or swimming in the sea. If you prefer the vibrant energy of urban landscapes over beachside relaxation, summer in the city might be your perfect getaway. And honestly — I totally get where you’re coming from. City summers just offer so much — from a variety of…
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Exploring the Healing Springs of the World and How They Can Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

Are you yearning for a vacation that melts away your stress and rejuvenates your body? If you’re looking to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the answer is simple: visit your nearest healing springs. Throughout history, people have sought these natural wonders for their therapeutic benefits, believing in their power to cure…
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The Women of Ancient Societies— Their Roles, Rights, and Influences

You already know how much we love discussing notable figures in history. But we’re even more excited when those figures are women. Women are often overlooked in history books, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t play significant roles in shaping the world we know today. From the courts of ancient Egypt to the bustling marketplaces…
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Unveiling the Secrets of Ancient Engineering — Wonders of the Pre-Modern World

Ancient engineering often doesn’t get the credit it deserves. While today’s technology is undeniably impressive, the structures we’re discussing in today’s article take things to another level. Firstly, they were built to endure—not just for decades, but for thousands of years. Secondly, they were constructed with such limited resources that imagining the process by today’s…
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