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Maria is a contributor who is passionate about health, fitness, travel, and beauty. During her free time, she tries to discover the beauty hidden in the chaos of today's fast-paced way of life. With a background in health and medicine, she hopes to inspire you to start living a fun, active, and adventurous lifestyle through her writing.


How Immersive Tech is Changing the World of Travel

Immersive tech is now revolutionizing the travel industry. In fact, people can now have a better travel experience through the latest technology. Plus, it also helps travel operators and establishments to attract more customers. So, what is immersive tech, and how is it revolutionizing the world of travel? To answer these questions, here are some…
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The Correlation Between Travel and Mental Health

Experts recommend traveling to boost your mental health. The reason is not only because it can help you relax and forget about your daily responsibilities, even for just a few days. According to numerous studies, your brain will be happier when exploring different places. There are numerous reasons for this benefit. To give you a…
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How the Latest Trend, Dopamine Dressing, Goes Hand in Hand with Travel

One of today’s most popular fashion trends is dopamine dressing. However, did you know that this trend goes hand in hand with travel? After all, many people travel to be happy. You can make your trip even more exceptional by doing things that can trigger the release of dopamine, a happy hormone. The reason is…
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Traveling for the Love of Food? Yes, Please! Check Out These Amplified Food-Themed Experiences

A trip to an amazing destination is not complete without tasting authentic delicacies. After all, you can immerse yourself in a country’s culture through its food. The good news is that several tourist destinations offer unique food-themed experiences. These attractions will surely result in an extraordinary and memorable trip. So, here are some of the…
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Travel-Themed Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

People around the world welcome in the new year in various ways. Some host or attend New Year’s Eve parties, while others enjoy a private dinner with family and friends. Aside from that, there are many exciting ways to celebrate New Year’s eve. One, in particular, is traveling. So, here are some of the best…
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Remote Destinations for Those Who Truly Want to Disconnect

Many people, especially those living in big cities or living extremely fast-paced lives, desire to disconnect and explore mother nature. In fact, many travelers want to explore untouched lands for a more rewarding experience. Sometimes, the greatest adventures happen when you’re completely off the grid. Fortunately, several remote destinations can make you remember a world…
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