The Best Homemade Iced Coffee Recipes You Can Make From Anywhere

Almost everyone needs caffeine to feel energized in the morning. Drinking coffee has become a time-honored tradition in most people’s schedules, after all. However, buying your favorite drink at a coffee shop can be costly, especially when you’re traveling. Fortunately, making your own iced coffee is simple no matter where you are. In fact, you can even make some of your favorite iced coffee recipes from anywhere. So, what are the best homemade iced coffee recipes you can make while traveling?

The Best Homemade Iced Coffee Recipes

Cold Brew

A cold brew is a basic recipe you can learn to either drink by itself or to make other delicious drinks with. The good news is that you don’t need a coffee maker or espresso machine to make this beverage. However, the brewing process can take up to 12 to 24 hours. As such, it is best to make it at night, so it will be ready when you wake up.

To make a cold brew, you’ll need the following ingredients.

1 cup coffee (coarsely ground)
4 cups of water
1 big jar


The first step in making a cold brew is to put the ground coffee in a big jar. Then, you can add the water and stir. Afterward, you can cover the jar and place it in a refrigerator. Depending on how strong you want your coffee, you can refrigerate the mixture for 12 up to 24 hours. Usually, the cold brew is ready after 12 hours. From there, you can filter the coffee grounds using a strainer or filer. If you think that the cold brew is too strong, you can add more water to dilute it.


Cold Brew Latte

One of the best homemade iced coffee recipes you can make anywhere is a cold brew latter. The addition of syrup and milk will balance the bitter flavor of the basic coffee you just learned to make. As a result, you’ll have a delicious and refreshing drink.

To make a cold brew latte, you’ll need the following ingredients:

1/2 cup cold brew
1/2 cup milk or any plant-based milk, like oat milk
Hot water
Ice cubes


1. Making the Syrup

To make a syrup, you’ll need to mix hot water and sugar. From there, you can keep on stirring the mixture until the sugar has dissolved completely.

2. Making the Cold Brew Latte

Once the syrup is ready, you can now assemble the drink. The first step is to put the syrup and milk in a glass. The next step is to put the ice on the glass. Then, you can add the cold brew.

Remember, the trick to keeping the drink layered is to ensure that the bottom layer has more sugar than the one above. As such, it is recommended to avoid adding a sweetened cold brew. Additionally, you should always put the ice before adding the cold brew for better layering.

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