Cat-Obsessed Cities Every Feline Lover Should Visit

If you’re a feline fanatic, there’s nothing quite like a vacation that caters to your love for cats. From cities where cats roam freely and are cherished by locals to destinations with cat-themed attractions, these places are purr-fect for any cat lover. And lucky for you, we have found some of the best ones around the globe. So, let’s explore some of the world’s most cat-obsessed cities.

Istanbul, Turkey


Of course, we have to talk about Istanbul first. And whoever has already visited this gorgeous city, knows why that’s the case. First of all, you have to understand that this city has a special relationship with cats that is deeply rooted in its culture and history. Cats are everywhere—in streets, parks, and even in mosques. The locals adore them, often leaving out food and water and building makeshift shelters for stray cats. And there’s a lot of stray cats! In fact, it is estimated that around 125,000 are roaming the streets of Istanbul. Most of them are located in the neighborhoods of Cihangir and Kadikoy, where you’ll find them lounging around and interacting with people.

Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching, the capital of Sarawak in Malaysia, translates to “cat” in Malay, and the city embraces its name wholeheartedly. The city is dotted with cat statues, and there’s even a cat museum—the first of its kind in the world. The Cat Museum features over 4,000 artifacts, including paintings, sculptures, and photographs dedicated to cats. But that’s not where their cat obsession ends. You’ll find numerous cat-themed decorations and landmarks while walking around the streets of this city. And they even have an annual festival, called the Pesta Meow (Cat Festival) celebrating their feline citizens. Needless to say, this place is a must-visit for any cat lover around the world.

Kotor, Montenegro

If you’re looking for a place that combines a gorgeous coastline with an absurd obsession for cats, then we’ve got you covered as well. Nestled along the Adriatic coast, the picturesque town of Kotor is not only known for its stunning beaches but also for its feline inhabitants. Cats have been a part of Kotor’s charm for centuries, often seen lounging on the cobblestone streets and in front of the town’s historic buildings. Kotor has embraced its cat population, with many shops selling cat-themed souvenirs and cafes offering cozy spots for cats to rest. There’s even a Cats Museum, located in the heart of the Old Town.

Aoshima, Japan


Last but certainly not least, we have to mention one that we have already talked about in a previous article – Aoshima. This small island in Japan has become famous as “Cat Island.” With a population of cats that outnumbers humans by about six to one, Aoshima is a paradise for cat lovers. The cats were originally brought to the island to control the mouse population on fishing boats, but they have since become the island’s main attraction. And oh boy, do they enjoy their lives here. You’ll find them roaming freely, basking in the sun, and interacting with tourists. The island also offers a serene and unique experience, where you can unwind and enjoy the simple pleasure of being surrounded by cats.

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