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The Best Places Around the World to Visit if You Enjoy the Legend of the Werewolves

Werewolves, also known as Lycanthropes, have become one of the most famous cryptozoological legends that exist today. Throughout history, there are records of werewolf trials that span across the world. These are useful in helping us to guess the origin of the werewolf legend. In fact, there are several countries associated with this creature. As…
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Jungle Vacation Ideas for Adventure Lovers

A rainforest is an excellent destination for those seeking a real adventure. These places are filled with unusual creatures and tropical plants, making your vacation one-of-a-kind. Plus, some rainforest destinations have other attractions, like treetop bridges and zip lines, that will add fun and excitement to your trip. So, what are some of the best…
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The Weirdest Places in South America You Have to See to Believe

South America is a popular tourist destination due to its astonishing landscapes, forests, beaches, historical sites, and natural parks. As such, it is the perfect travel destination for most anyone, whether you like nature, wildlife, architecture, or sunbathing. If you want to visit strange and unusual places, this continent also has weird tourist destinations (like…
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The Most Exciting Beach Caves to Explore Across the World

It may go without saying, but beach caves are incredible creations. Not only are they a breathtaking natural phenomenon, they also make for the perfect tourist destinations. Typically, these rock formations are created by the power of water and wind, which usually takes hundreds or thousands of years to fully form. As such, beach caves…
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Weird History 101: You Should Check Out These Strange Historical Destinations

For the past thousand years, people have lived, lost, created, built, and, inevitably, produced amazing historical sites. Now, clearly these sites don’t become historical until they’ve had years of experience and story to share with the world. While some of these places have enchanting features, others have a little bit of mystery, making them more…
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There is SO MUCH More to Mexico than Meets the Eye

I’d like to take a minute to say something additional about Mexico before I move onto the next location. I spent two weeks traveling across Mexico this past November in 2021, and I had also spent over a week in Mexico in June 2017. When I say Mexico, most people generally think of the beach,…
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