How Consciousness and Meditation are Related

If you ask me, consciousness and meditation go hand in hand. As someone who has been constantly working on my meditation practice for several years, I can passionately tell you that I think meditation is one of the greatest tools we have to allow us to understand our consciousness in hopes to learn more about…
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Releasing Stress with Our Meditation

By now, you may have read my many, many blog posts and pieces on manifestation and setting intentions while you meditate. While this can be really important, and I’m always a fan of working towards things in life (even during meditation), part of being healthy and accepting your own limitations is knowing when to relax…
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The Importance of Self-Care

Sometimes, we just need time to ourselves, away from the chaos of the world. During these times, things could be emotionally hard on us, we could be going through something terrible or unsettling, or we could just be overwhelmed with the work or stressors of life. Regardless, in times of high stress, overwhelming emotions, or…
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Keeping Up With Your Meditation Practice While You’re on the Road

Summer: a time for vacations, adventures to exciting locations, and (hopefully) plenty of outdoor activities. While the summer can bring in a refreshing change of pace and scenery, it can also serve as a distraction from your regular routines, some of which may need shaking up. But important ones, such as meditating, may become neglected…
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How Crystals Can Help You on Your Manifestation Journey

Crystals are so much more than just pretty stones. They are powerful spiritual tools that can help you on your manifestation journey and get in touch with your inner self. When used correctly, they can enhance your energy, focus, and intention. If you’re looking for a way to manifest your dreams, but you’re not sure…
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How to Raise Your Vibrations to Reach More Enlightened Meditative States

In all my experiences working with my own meditation and intuition, experiencing programs at The Monroe Institute and writing for their blog, and growing up immersed in the metaphysical world, I can tell you that raising your vibrations to reach higher states of consciousness is nowhere near as hard as anyone thinks it is. I…
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