Frontiers of the Mind


Zeno’s Paradox: Unraveling the Perplexities of Infinite Divisibility

I love a good piece that not only makes you think but also shakes up the very way you see reality. And surprisingly, there are many principles out there in science and philosophy that do just that. With that in mind, today, we’re going to talk about Zeno’s Paradox. Zeno’s Paradox, a collection of philosophical…
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Unraveling the Enigma: The Complex Nature of Consciousness

Consciousness is a topic that I regularly study and write about, having been working with The Monroe Institute since 2020. This conept has fascinated philosophers, scientists, and thinkers throughout history. It represents the essence of our subjective experience, the awareness of self and the external world. Despite its centrality to human existence, defining consciousness remains…
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The Strange Charms of Esoteric Festivals and Rituals

Esoteric festivals and rituals, shrouded in mystique and steeped in ancient traditions, beckon individuals into realms where spirituality intertwines with cultural heritage. These enigmatic celebrations traverse time and culture, drawing participants into ceremonies imbued with deep symbolic meanings, spiritual significance, and a sense of connection to the cosmos. But even if you’re not exactly familiar…
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Unveiling the Wisdom Within: A Comprehensive Guide to Casting and Reading Divination Stones

Divination, the art of seeking insights and guidance from mystical sources, has been practiced across cultures and civilizations for centuries. One intriguing and ancient method involves the use of divination stones, also known as casting, rune, or throwing stones. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the history, preparation, casting techniques, and interpretation methods associated…
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Releasing Stress with Our Meditation

By now, you may have read my many, many blog posts and pieces on manifestation and setting intentions while you meditate. While this can be really important, and I’m always a fan of working towards things in life (even during meditation), part of being healthy and accepting your own limitations is knowing when to relax…
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Starting the New Year Right: Annual Crystal Cleansing Rituals

It’s the beginning of a new year, and every true crystal lover knows what that means — it’s also time for some good old crystal cleaning! It’s not just about recharging and cleansing your precious gems, but also getting them ready for a year filled with positive vibes and energy. But, we have to warn…
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