Frontiers of the Mind


Becoming More Comfortable with Total Wellness

It seems like a strange thing to do, right off the bat, to title an article that implies that we aren’t fully comfortable with our total wellness. But I’ve found that we humans are particularly strange creatures who don’t always easily accept what might be best for us, for one reason or another. When I…
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Crystal Energy and Chakra Alignment: How to Balance Your Energy Centers

You already know how obsessed we are with holistic wellness and crystal energy. However, the combination of these two can take your life to the next level. That’s why using crystals to fix your chakra alignment can be a powerful tool to balance your energy centers. However, you will need a deeper understanding of the…
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Exploring Spiritual Shops and Metaphysical Centers in Los Angeles

Are you visiting Los Angeles in the near future and you also happen to be a lover of crystals? Then you’re in for an adventure! Because there is a plethora of crystal shops in Los Angeles that have a huge selection of unique and powerful crystals to complement your collection. However, it’s important to shop…
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Traveling as Self-Care: How To Reconnect With Yourself Through Travel

Do you ever feel like life is just zooming by? And like you never truly have time to commit to yourself? In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s important to take a step back. And the way to do that is by practicing self-care. If you ask me, the purest and most…
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Legends of the Afterlife: The Various Cultures and Traditions Surrounding Death

Even though it sounds a bit dark, I have to admit — I always had such a strong fascination with the afterlife. But not only that, also the diverse number of beliefs and traditions surrounding it. Across various civilizations, from ancient burial rites to contemporary funeral ceremonies, each culture has its own narrative around what…
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How to Explore the World’s Religions Through Travel and Discovery

Traveling is a lot deeper than simply going to different locations, trying out new cuisine, and buying souvenirs for your loved one. It’s an adventure that not only teaches us about the world, but also ourselves. Listen, I’m not the most religious person out there, however—I’ve always considered myself to be spiritual. So if you’re…
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