Enchanted Forest Trail & Woodland Falls Trail in Pine Mountain Club

As we progress into cooler weather, we can finally start dreaming about beautiful walks in the snow (and pray that weather will be upon us soon). No more freakishly hot summer days. Hopefully no more fires! Well, if you find yourself in a nice getaway up in Pine Mountain Club, then you have to check…
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Sturtevant Falls Trail

While we were only expecting a hike to a waterfall, my friends and I found so much more at Sturtevant Falls Trail. This hike has a parking lot, as well as a closer parking lot by a convenience store that you can pay to park at. On a busy day, it’s worth it to pay…
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Franklin Canyon Trail

Franklin Canyon Trail is a nice, easy hike. (It’s less of a hike and more of a walk actually). It’s the perfect hike for a beginner or for someone looking for a nice stroll around a lake. While this trail is a 1.9 mile trek, it’s almost all flat and is good for families and…
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Paradise Falls Hike

If you are located in the Los Angeles area and are looking for a beautiful hike that figuratively transports you to another planet, look no further than Paradise Falls Hike. Located in Thousand Oaks, CA, this hike is 2.7 miles long, so it’s a little more difficult than a morning stroll, but it’s still relatively…
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The Old Zoo Trail at Griffith Park

I know it’s a very popular trail and that many people already know about it, but isn’t that a good thing? They must be onto something. The Old Zoo Trail is the perfect hike for those looking for a relatively easy hike in a more park-like environment. I like this hike because it’s easy for…
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How to Have an Adventure Anywhere

Adventure, like many things, is a state of mind. Most people immediately assume that having an adventure entails going to some far-off land to accomplish a major quest. While this is definitely an example of an adventure, it’s just that: an example. It is just as easy to have an adventure in your own back…
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