The Queen’s Bath Trail

The Queen’s Bath Trail to the Queen’s Bath pool is one of the most exciting and rewarding hikes I’ve ever been on. And as someone who hikes a lot, that’s saying something. I really do mean that. The trail is pretty short at only 0.8 miles out and back, but it is a very dirty,…
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Enchanted Forest Trail & Woodland Falls Trail in Pine Mountain Club

As we progress into cooler weather, we can finally start dreaming about beautiful walks in the snow (and pray that weather will be upon us soon). No more freakishly hot summer days. Hopefully no more fires! As a person who feels invigorated by the cold, this is all I can hope for. Well, if you…
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Sturtevant Falls Trail

It’s time to go hiking! You want to find adventure deep within a forest-like environment, but you want to stay close to civilization. You’re in Los Angeles, but you need to escape slightly from the hustle and bustle of society. But, perhaps, you’d like to sit down for a quick meal after your hike without…
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Franklin Canyon Trail

By now, I’m sure you know that most of my brand and personality revolves around adventure! And this includes adventure hikes. However, what if you’re not really up for an adventurous hike? I mean, we’ve all had those days where we get up and want to take it easy, yet still want to keep moving.…
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Paradise Falls Hike

We’re off to see the wizard! If you’re looking to step outside of suburbia and fall into a sea of gorgeous flowers and winding rivers, then head just slightly outside of Thousand Oaks, CA  to Paradise Falls Trail. There’s copious amounts of shining sun, gorgeous blue skies, and blossoming plants if you head out on…
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The Old Zoo Trail at Griffith Park

Do you love urban exploring? Do you love finding exciting abandoned places sprinkled about the countryside? Let’s take that one step further! How about taking an afternoon off to head to the park and explore an old, abandoned zoo? I’m in! We’re talking about The Old Zoo Trail at Griffith Park! I know it’s a…
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