Occult Studies


Cryptic 2024 Prophecies: The Dark Forecasts for the New Year

2024 is here, and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a bit nervous about it. Why? Because 2023 has been a roller coaster, to say the least. In fact, the last couple of years have felt so unreal, that I believe 2024 will be the year to round it all up. And am…
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The Ominous Ouija: Uncovering the Truths and Myths Behind the Board

Have you ever wondered about the history of the Ouija board? Even though many today use it more as a “party joke”, once upon a time this used to be a tool believed to connect the living with the spirit world. It made us feel fascination, fear, and mystique. Back in time, when most people…
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Faust’s Pact: A Dual Legacy on Occultism and Its Image

Here’s another piece of occult history that I find simply fascinating: The legendary tale of Faust, a scholar who enters into a pact with the devil, has been a profound source of inspiration for artists, writers, and occultists throughout history. While Faust’s story has fueled the imaginations of those seeking esoteric knowledge and forbidden wisdom,…
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Illuminating Mysteries: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and its Occult Legacy

You may know by now that talking about secret orders and the occult is one of my favorite things to do. After all, I am looking to become a master of the occult. And I would be remiss if, in my studies, I didn’t write about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The late…
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September’s Quirky Side: Weird Festivals Around the World Celebrated in September

September isn’t just about back to school and pumpkin spice lattes! This is also the month when some of the weirdest and quirkiest festivals around the globe take place. If you’re seeking a break from the ordinary, and you’re also a lover of anything nerdy, then you’re in for a treat. Let us take you…
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Unmasking Halloween Traditions: The Strangest Celebrations Across the Globe

Halloween, that time of year when pumpkins glow and spooky spirits roam, might seem familiar, but did you know that its traditions can get even weirder than you know about? Beyond the costumes and candy, different cultures around the world also put their own unique twist on this eerie holiday. From peculiar spectacles to odd…
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Unveiling the Enigmatic: Exploring the Mysterious World of Secret Societies

Have you ever questioned if secret societies are a real thing? Then you’re at the right place. Welcome to an alternate universe where whispers and silent handshakes are the norm. Our trip leads us deep into the shadows of mystery, where for generations secret societies have spun complex stories of intrigue. Join us as we…
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German Folklore: Exploring the Rich Myths and Legends of Deutschland

Germany is known for its charming villages, stunning landscapes, and cultural heritage, but there are also many other things that add to its unique charm and mystique. Beneath the picturesque streets and fairy-tale-like castles lies a realm of enchanting myths and legends that have been passed down through generations. German folklore is full of magical…
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Exploring Balkan Folklore: The Weirdest Stories And Mystical Creatures Surrounding This Unique Area

Growing up in a Balkan country, there were numerous mystical creatures, terrifying tales, and alleged monsters that haunted some of my worst nightmares. But most of these creatures and stories were never portrayed outside of the Balkan region. If you’re someone who enjoys learning about different cultures, weird historic stories, and spooky legends, then you’ll…
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The History of Crystals and Their Use in Ancient Civilizations

It’s no secret that throughout ancient times, people have made use of the healing and spiritual qualities of crystals. Crystals were highly prized for their beauty and thought to have magical powers, even in prehistoric societies. If you’re a crystal enthusiast yourself, here’s just a small glimpse of the history of crystals and their use…
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