Occult Studies


The Origins of Astrology and Horoscopes

Let’s talk about a really fun ‘Occult’ study today that started in Ancient Mesopotamia and evolved over the years to a practice we know and utilize today. I’m talking about the idea of astrology and the horoscopes we use to predict the future based on the celestial bodies around us. While the practice of Astrology…
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The Real Nicholas Flamel and the Philosopher’s Stone He Supposedly Created

Thanks to our societal love of pop culture, it’s likely that when I bring up either Nicholas Flamel or the Philosopher’s Stone, your mind goes immediately to Harry Potter. While it is true that both of these subjects were brought into the modern eye because of the cultural phenomenon that is Harry Potter, the reality…
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Are There Any Occult Ties to Thanksgiving?

By now, most people recognize that the major Christian holidays we celebrate around the US (and the world) generally have roots in deeper, sometimes darker, more occult-like traditions. It’s a well-known fact now that the Christian Church wanted to deter people from celebrating ‘pagan’, ‘occult’, or other traditional activities, so church-approved holidays and events were…
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The History of Tarot: From Playing Cards to the New Age

Tarot cards are an iconic symbol of divination and the spiritual world. From something considered occult and evil at one time to being scattered across bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, in dozens of incarnations and novelty looks, they’ve played a huge role in not just the history of divination but also in the formation and…
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The History of Halloween and Its Now-Modern Twist

If you ask around, the history of Halloween has many origin stories with many different religions and festivals claiming to be the true origin of today’s popular holiday. However, most historians now believe that Halloween as we know it dates back over 2,000 years to the ancient Celts and their festival of Samhain (sow-in). While…
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The Occult Studies of… Christianity?

Let’s take a moment to think about the word, “Occult.” Now that I’ve said it you probably have an immediate scene set in your mind- likely something dark, maybe with witches, people practicing something macabre and evil in secret. Am I close to painting your picture? Well, the funny reality is that while we paint…
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