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What Happened to Miss Cleo? Why Did the Famed Infomercial Physic Disappeared from the Public Eye?

Today, you can use various apps with different astrological services if you want to take a peek into your future. But not too long ago, people had to call a psychic hotline to get a glimpse into their future. If you were around in the 90s, you’ll likely remember the infamous Miss Cleo. Miss Cleo…
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Weird History 101: Berossus, a Babylonian Priest, Wrote About a “Real Mermaid” Teaching the Sumerians about Civilized Learning

Berossus was a Babylonian priest who wrote a three-volume book about the history of Babylonia. In one of his books, he wrote about a “real mermaid” from the Persian Gulf. According to the priest, this strange amphibian-like creature taught the Sumerians about civilized living. If you want to know more about this amazing amphibian, here…
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The Origin Story of the Vampire as Told by Greek Mythology

Vampires are mysterious creatures that have fascinated humans for centuries, so much so that we’ve had several ‘vampire scares’ throughout history. In fact, there are numerous stories about the origin of vampires dating back to different ancient civilizations. One, in particular, is the fascinating tale of Ambrogio. To give you a better view, here is…
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The Weirdest Castles that Exist Around the World

Castles are among the best tourist spots around the world. Most countries have them, and they all take pride in them. In fact, many countries feature these kinds of structures as their main attractions. After all, travelers are drawn to the magnificent beauty of palaces and castles. Plus, they are rich in culture and history.…
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A Detailed Account of the Day the Manchac Swamp Bridge Collapsed

One of the most terrifying events in the history of Louisiana was the collapse of the Manchac Swamp Bridge on September 13, 1976. Today, a lot of people are searching for answers, wondering what happened on that fateful day. As such, we decided to dig deeper to give you a detailed account. So, here are…
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The Weirdest Roadside Attractions You Can Find Throughout the US

Road trips are not complete without visiting roadside attractions. And roadside attractions are generally known for being… strange. As you know, you can find hidden gems while you’re traveling by car. Some of these places offer beautiful views, while others feature unusual things. If you’re looking for strange tourist spots, here are some of the…
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