Weird History


The Bizarre Origins Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a pretty weird holiday, isn’t it? Sure, all of the flowers, chocolates, and romantic things are lovely to see. But why do we even celebrate it in the first place? The answer is a bit confusing, and the history of Valentine’s Day definitely isn’t nearly as romantic as people may think. If…
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Why is Friday the 13th Considered Unlucky?

Friday the 13th, a date that has gone down in our history as the unluckiest day of the year, a day we focus on black cats, protecting ourselves from evil, and well, being cautious… just in case. The most interesting thing about Friday the 13th is that, while it’s so ingrained in our history to…
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The Most Breathtaking Medieval Destinations Rich in History

The medieval era was an iconic period in history, one many of us wish we could have experienced (mostly). It includes the time between the Roman Empire and the Renaissance period. Even though this iconic era was more than 500 years ago, its impressive architecture has survived in numerous destinations. In fact, many cities feature…
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Who Was the Real St. Nicholas?

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen that I love to share how our history and legends have grown and changed throughout different countries and centuries. In many cases, the modern Christian religion has adopted celebrations from the older world, such as using the roots of Samhain for Halloween and the history of Saturnalia to choose…
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We See God in the Chances that Exist Around Us (Why I Study Consciousness)

Since the dawn of time, we humans have sought to find a greater purpose in our existence. Unlike most other animals out there, we find comfort in knowing that there could be something greater than us that needs us to fulfill a purpose, and we jump at the opportunity to be more than just a…
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The Occult Origins of Christmas (and a Full History of The Holiday)

Christmas, the ‘traditional’ holiday filled with gingerbread, stockings, warm fires, and family gatherings, has been so deeply rooted as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, that it can be hard to believe that it originated from Pagan roots. But like most major holidays we celebrate, Christmas is much more deeply rooted in other…
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