Weird History


From Mountaineer to a Lost Corpse on Mount Everest: The Fascinating Story of George Mallory

When it comes to the history of mountaineering, only a few names resonate as profoundly as that of George Mallory. His life was truly an expedition. But sadly, one that would cost him his life. From the rugged peaks of the European Alps to the towering heights of Mount Everest, he proved how strong human…
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One Giant Leap — The Extraordinary Story of Neil Armstrong

We have a passion for both travel and the stories of iconic explorers who have shaped our understanding of the world. That’s why we’re thrilled to kick off a series of in-depth articles dedicated to exploring the lives of these remarkable individuals. And who better to start with than Neil Armstrong? His journey is nothing…
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From Elephants to Alligators: The Unusual Pets of Iconic Historical Characters

There’s so much we can learn from important historical figures. From their routines, beliefs, and ideas — there’s a reason why these eccentric and exceptional characters have made history. But what’s one topic that’s not discussed enough about them? Their pets. And believe me when I tell you that they had some of the most…
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The Most Gruesome Instruments of Pain and Punishment Used Throughout History

We love to discuss shocking historical facts on this blog, there’s no doubt in that. However, some of them are so dark and twisted that it comes as no surprise that these events aren’t a part of our regular history books. A great example of that are instruments of pain and punishment. Honestly, I strongly…
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Lost Without a Trace: The Most Unusual Disappearances of Historical Figures

Throughout history, there have been countless mysterious disappearances of historical figures that continue to baffle historians and puzzle investigators to this day. From famous explorers to celebrated leaders — these are the types of vanishing that human kind wasn’t able to solve. No matter how many years have passed, or how much technology has advanced.…
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Iconic Cursed Objects That You Can See in Museums

Museums are often regarded as repositories of history and culture, showcasing artifacts that offer insight into the past. However, not all of these artifacts have a warm & fuzzy past. Instead, they are shrouded in mystery and tales of misfortune and tragedy. And as you can probably guess — I am talking about cursed objects.…
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The Dark & Twisted History of the Olympic Games

Even though I’m not exactly a sports enthusiast, there’s one thing I certainly am — a history buff! Especially if we’re talking about the type of history that isn’t taught in school. And you know what we never really learned about in school? The dark and twisted history of the Olympic games. Even though this…
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The Weird Early Navigational Techniques that Inspire Our Journeys Today

Long before there was GPS or even maps of the world, explorers still went out into the world to embrace its wonders, and the everyday person still journeyed out and did what they had to do to survive. People got around in creative ways before modern navigational techniques were discovered. From stick charts to reading…
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The Fascinating History of the North Star

Despite being officially discovered by William Herschel in August of 1779, Polaris, also known as the North Star, has been an entity rich in history, mystery, astronomy, navigation, and mythology. It’s been important to us since early civilizations began inventing their myths and the early explorers took to the seas and lands. That’s why I…
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The History of Boat Launching Ceremonies and Why We Break the Bottle

We humans, as a whole, are a very traditional and ritualistic sort. When I began studying anthropology, one of the primary things we went over was the everyday rituals that humans create for themselves. And I find it fascinating. We like creating daily rituals, even if they are as simple as brushing our teeth, washing…
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