Weird History


The City of Derinkuyu: Exploring Turkey’s Ancient Caverns

You’ve probably already heard about Cappadocia and the magical area surrounding it. But there is so much more that this historic region hides. For example – an ancient underground city called Derinkuyu. Carved into the soft volcanic rock, Derinkuyu is a masterpiece of engineering and architecture that dates back to the 8th century BC. So…
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The Dark History of the Colosseum: The Terrifying History Of Rome’s Most Famous Landmark

The Colosseum in Rome is one of the most iconic and famous landmarks in the world. It is a testament to the power and influence of the Roman Empire, but not many people know that its history is dark and disturbing. The Colosseum is the site of some of the most brutal and barbaric events…
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Exploring Balkan Folklore: The Weirdest Stories And Mystical Creatures Surrounding This Unique Area

Growing up in a Balkan country, there were numerous mystical creatures, terrifying tales, and alleged monsters that haunted some of my worst nightmares. But most of these creatures and stories were never portrayed outside of the Balkan region. If you’re someone who enjoys learning about different cultures, weird historic stories, and spooky legends, then you’ll…
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The Most Famous Ghost Ships That Still Haunt The Seven Seas

There aren’t many things out there that freak me out as much as the ocean does. Did you know that less than ten percent of the ocean is explored? There is just so much that we don’t know. But if you want to feel even more uneasy about the ocean, and the seas surrounding us,…
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The Weirdest Festivals and Celebrations from Around the World

It’s no secret that almost every civilization on earth has a festival that’s unusually important to them. They will celebrate it in an elaborate way. With things such as dances, music, lots of food, and other traditional practices. But, some celebrations and festivals are stranger than others. And some of them feature odd or bizarre…
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The Dark History of Salem: A Tourist’s Guide to the Witch Trials

Even though Salem, Massachusetts is a picturesque coastal town with gorgeous beaches, colonial architecture, and stunning landscapes, when you hear the name, you likely only think of one thing — witches! But how much do you really know about the dark history of Salem? And what is there to see today, almost 350 years after…
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