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What Indigenous Cultures Believed About Solar Eclipses

We’ve already talked a couple of times about how different cultures and ancient civilizations viewed solar eclipses. However, this is just such a fascinating topic that I just had to touch on it one more time. And today, it’s all about indigenous cultures. It’s no secret that indigenous cultures worldwide are mostly spiritual groups of…
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What the Mayans Believed About Solar Eclipses 

We’ve already talked about the importance of solar eclipses in different cultures. From what ancient civilizations believed about them, to their spiritual importance. However, there’s one ancient culture that had particularly interesting beliefs regarding this celestial phenomenon – the Mayans of ancient Mesoamerica. So, in this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the fascinating world…
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How a Solar Eclipse Saved the Life of Christopher Columbus 

You probably already know who Christopher Columbus was. But in case you need a memory refresh, let’s just say that he was one of the most iconic explorers that Italy had to offer. His biggest discovery? The New World…according to some. However, what you should also know about him is that he was willing to…
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The Trail of Tears: Forced Relocation and Suffering of Native American Tribes

The Trail of Tears casts a long shadow over American history. This was a dark chapter of forced relocation and untold suffering for Native American tribes. As important as this story is, we’re not telling it often enough. So, to honor the resilience and strength of the Indigenous people, we decided to embark on a…
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The Lobotomy Craze: Treatment or Torture?

You’ve probably already heard the word “lobotomy”, but do you know what it actually is? Sure, we know that it has to do something with the brain and skull. But what is it really, and what were they done for? Those are the questions that we are going to answer here today. This procedure made…
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What the Ancient Babylonians Believed About Solar Eclipses

In honor of the solar eclipse approaching us on April 8th, we’ve already talked about the history of solar eclipses a couple of times. We even mentioned what ancient civilizations and important historical figures thought about them. However, one ancient civilization had a different approach to this unique celestial event — the ancient Babylonians. With…
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The Dancing Plague of 1518: Exploring History’s Strangest Epidemic

Can you believe it’s been four years since the onset of COVID? Honestly, it all feels like a surreal blur nowadays. But amid the strangeness, there’s a historical epidemic that outdoes even this—the “Dancing Plague.” Picture this: back in the summer of 1518, Strasbourg, France, saw a bizarre phenomenon where hundreds were seized by an…
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History, Mystery, and The Search for Immortality: Travel Back in Time (and in the Present) to Learn About the Philosopher’s Stone

We’ve discussed the search for immortality several times this week with the Elixir of Immortality in China and the Fountain of Youth in the Americas. But what about one of the most famous searches for eternal life in the realm of alchemy? Yes, I’m talking about the Philosopher’s Stone. Even if you’ve only heard of…
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The Most Terrifying Cults In History and How They Ended

There is something about the idea of cults that fascinates me. Their secretive rituals, eccentric leaders, and the inevitable tragic endings. The members of these groups, who are often just collateral damage, don’t even know what they are getting themselves into. The groups are cloaked in mystery, manipulation, and deception. However, it’s not only the…
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The Donner Party: Tragic Tales of Cannibalism in the Wild West

The story of the Donner Party is, without a doubt, one of the most terrifying stories of survival and tragedy in American history. Set against the backdrop of the Wild West, this doomed expedition became synonymous with desperation and cannibalism. Yes, you’ve read that right — cannibalism. In fact, this is one of the most…
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