Power of the Mind


Knowing When to Open Yourself Up, When to Block, and How to Navigate this Balance

As I move through life I find that, due to my past experiences, I can be very closed off when I shouldn’t be and very open in times it may not be appropriate. Somehow, after experiencing trauma growing up, it threw off my balance of when to trust people and when to withhold trust. I…
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How Meditating with a Monthly Intention Can Help Focus Your Life

As someone with many goals in life, I tend to overdo it sometimes, and I’m sure many of you can relate to that. I see myself learning five new skills at once instead of starting with one. I seem to want to work towards completing multiple projects at one time instead of accomplishing one thing…
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What to Do If You’re Stuck in Sleep Paralysis

Let me start this by stating that I am not a doctor nor a medical professional. I don’t have any professional experience alleviating sleep paralysis. Rather, I’m just someone who has suffered from this terrible experience for most of my life. But, as someone who has regularly experienced this, I’ve developed my own tips and…
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The Best Meditation Apps for Adventurers On the Go

As you know, meditation is an excellent way to center yourself and balance your life. With regular practice, you can learn to shut down the noise, focus on the present moment, and enjoy life. Unfortunately, meditation can be difficult to master, especially when you’re always on the go. However, it can be one of the…
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Son of a Psychic

A little insight about Christian Mysticism and psychic phenomenon from the son of intuitive Donita King As a general rule, I tend to avoid bringing up my spiritual upbringing because most people don’t know how to take that information. As you have probably already guessed from the title, I was raised by a psychic who…
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Removing Toxic Positivity

Recognizing, understanding, and removing yourself from toxic positivity. So, for a long time in life, I would hear the word “toxic” and eyeroll through my skull. It just seemed like another focused trend that sought to bring some overly dramatic nomenclature to things that could be addressed simply. It still sort of is, but what…
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