The Hollywood Fantasy

An inside look at why the lights and cameras of Hollywood are so alluring. Hollywood has always been an alluring prospect for most young minds. Especially growing up in a world where televisions, phones, and the like are never more than an arm’s length away. It’s pretty obvious to see why. As you tune into…
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The Fantasy of Christmas

Christmas is a holiday that most who celebrate it look forward to all year round. Christmas is the time of year synonymous with feeling good, resting, and promoting goodwill through thought, word, and deed. Many beloved traditions are formed within family units which create memories many of us cherish and fondly look upon no matter…
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Their once lived a knight Both tried and true Who rode through the night Towards a fight overdue He trudged through the rain In the cold, despite pain Resolute in pursuit He must find the brute As dawn breaks the dark And owl gives to lark The knight unsheathes his sword Then repeats the oath…
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Turning Reality into Fantasy

How writers turn real life experiences into stories for publication Have you ever wondered how authors take their own reality or personal experiences and turn them into stories for mass market appeal? Well, as an author who recently did just that, I can tell you that it’s with great effort and a little imagination. Both…
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The Benefits of Playing Dungeons and Dragons

A brief commentary on a few of the good things playing a tabletop game can bring out in someone For a long time, no one really understood Dungeons and Dragons. They didn’t really know what it was other than having a vague notion that it was nerdy. Things have been a lot different in recent…
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Top 3 Fantasy Based Book Series

My personal favorite book series As a fantasy writer, I don’t think you’d be surprised to find out that I am a Fantasy book fanatic. I actually learned how to read by playing fantasy games on the original Nintendo and having my dad explain what words meant so I could play. That turned into a…
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