The Fantasy of Perfection

The pedestals we place others on are about us, not them. Do you have someone in your life that you look up to? When you see them, do you see perfection? A mom, a dad, or maybe even a celebrity or worker in a similar field as yourself? This is a common practice among us…
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Do You Enjoy Mythology? Then You Should Check Out these Legendary Places

Every country or culture has legends, myths, and folklore tales that are special for the local people. Although centuries have passed and the characters in these stories are gone, the land where these myths and legends are set is often real. You can even visit these mythological places. So, what are some of the most…
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A Medieval Obsession

Thoughts on the common love of castles, battles and knights There are many different types of fantasies, but as great works such as George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, and, most notably, Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings have taught us, the medieval style of storytelling is alive…
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To Dream is to Live

Dreams drive us, scare us, and finally, become us Whether or not you know it, you have a dream. Some of us dream so vividly in the night it carries with us throughout the day, motivating us to achieve what we think will bring our ultimate happiness or guiding us away from the things we…
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The Travels of the Mind

An introspective on the places our daydreams carry us off to Have you ever sat somewhere bored and found your mind wandering off? Of course you have. Your mind is a powerfully creative tool, capable of inventing never-before-seen sights and fantastical beasts of imagination. Why would it allow you to simply stew in boredom when…
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Renaissance / Baroque Photoshoot

For years now, I have been trying to get the perfect photos in my custom Renaissance dress. My friend Alex made this dress for me for years ago before I attended the Ren Fair, and I love it. It is a replica of one of Danielle de Barbarac’s dresses from the movie Ever After. Well,…
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