How to Raise Your Vibrations to Reach More Enlightened Meditative States

In all my experiences working with my own meditation and intuition, experiencing programs at The Monroe Institute and writing for their blog, and growing up immersed in the metaphysical world, I can tell you that raising your vibrations to reach higher states of consciousness is nowhere near as hard as anyone thinks it is. I…
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Manifestation Journals: How to Track Your Manifestation and the Benefits of Doing So

One of my favorite topics to discuss in the spiritual and meditative world is manifestation. As a goal-driven person, the idea of manifestation makes me feel as if I am working towards my future, even when I’m getting to relax and meditate. And whether or not you truly believe in manifestation as this powerful magical…
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A Day in the Life of My Meditation Journey

I’ve been trying to keep up with regular meditation. Daily meditation keeps my emotions calmer, my thoughts more collected and concise and my life, well, less stressful overall. Thanks to the Monroe Institute’s Expand App, I can easily and happily try many different meditation experiences daily or utilize my favorites, depending on how I feel.…
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How to Create a Space for Meditation in Your Home

You’ve decided it’s time to meditate. You’ve gathered your headphones, downloaded your new Expand app and have changed into some comfy clothes. What’s next? How do you create the ideal space for meditation, one that will elicit the most benefit for you? My experiences have shown me the best space for meditation is one that…
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How to Let Go of the Left Brain While Meditating

For years now, countless studies have shown that those who meditate have greater control over the right side of their brain. In other words, people who meditate tend to be more right-brained overall. But what about those of us who have very balanced left-right brained personalities or those of us who live more in the…
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How Meditating with a Monthly Intention Can Help Focus Your Life

As someone with many goals in life, I tend to overdo it sometimes, and I’m sure many of you can relate to that. I see myself learning five new skills at once instead of starting with one. I seem to want to work towards completing multiple projects at one time instead of accomplishing one thing…
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