How Our Past Lives Influence Our Present Patterns

The more you delve into your meditation practice, the more you will hopefully begin to understand your own universal timeline. Knowing and accepting that you have lived many different lives and will most likely live out many more can be hard to grasp, especially if you have been brought up to believe differently. However, most…
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An Analysis on Perspective

Something that I love to say is, “We all have blind spots in life. Sometimes, we need someone else’s perspective to see things that are blind to us.” And it’s true- perspective is a key element of life that we often overlook, but it’s incredibly important. What we say to people, how we present ourselves,…
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The Magic of Physics

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be changed, right? “I, Malorie, exist as my whole self- physical body and higher self-included. But, perhaps, after this life I will never exist as Malorie again? Maybe my energies will bond with aspects of the energy of others to create a whole new person in…
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Speaking To Others About My Metaphysical Experiences

Ever since I was a young teenager, I have been thoroughly fascinated by and drawn to a multitude of metaphysical topics. There is another world out there that we can’t physically see with our eyes, touch with our fingers, or hear with our ears (at least not most of the time- though there are exceptions.)…
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What is Global Consciousness and How Can It Affect Your Daily Life?

“We are all connected.” We tend to hear this phrase a lot in movies, see it in the written word and even have it said to us in our daily lives. It gets tossed around a lot, but what does it really mean? We are all connected. How? Well, biologically, human beings are all a part…
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Stop Creating Your Own Hell!

And Live in the World You Want to Live In! In today’s time, it’s pretty normal for one to look in on someone else’s life and get jealous or to notice each and every flaw we have in our own lives. Especially with social media being such a prevalent part in our society, it’s hard…
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