Power of the Mind


Respect Has to Be Earned

A Full Breakdown on The Concept of Respect If I ask you why you follow someone blindly, why you believe in them, and why you do what they ask without question, the reason would likely be because you respect them. Respect is a valuable, delicate hypothetical item. It’s something we hold dear. Part of what…
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Quotes about Ambitious Dreaming

A few quotes that highlight ambition and some of the things they can teach us Dreaming is something we all do from time to time. Whether it’s by cover of night, tucked into our beds, or sitting at our desk in a class. Our dreams are our heart’s desires and motivate us toward obtaining a…
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How to Reap the Benefits of the Full Moon while You’re on the Road

Since ancient times, people have acknowledged the moon’s power and influence over all living things, including us humans. For instance, the moon is responsible, at least in part, for the tides and cycles of the ocean. Many also believe the moon plays a part in a female’s cycle. For this reason, it is beneficial if…
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Daily Grounding Meditation

Find here below a daily grounding meditation exercise that I use regularly when I need to start my day both grounded and from a place of gratitude. Before we begin, let’s take a moment to breath.  Feel your chest lightly rise and fall as you experience this unique moment.  Now, get comfortable. As you inhale,…
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How to Keep Up with Your Therapy and Mental Health Routine while Traveling

Some people who have mental health problems are afraid to travel because they fear they may not be able to get the help they could need while they are away. For some, they think that vising new places means going out of their routine and comfort zone. However, keep in mind that traveling can help…
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Top 3 Fantasy Based Book Series

My personal favorite book series As a fantasy writer, I don’t think you’d be surprised to find out that I am a Fantasy book fanatic. I actually learned how to read by playing fantasy games on the original Nintendo and having my dad explain what words meant so I could play. That turned into a…
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