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Would You Light My Candle? – Rent and Maturity

When I was in high school, to my classmates and I, Rent was the coolest production to ever grace the stage. It was dominating Broadway, it had been around for almost a decade, so it had its tenure on the stage, and it was being made into a movie. My high school theatre group took…
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Working Through Feelings of Invalidity

I’ve recently been combing through my thoughts after feeling, well, mildly invalidated only to emerge with a greater understanding of myself and the idea that no one should be able to validate my life except for me. The feeling of invalidity is one we should always face, as it can easily and quickly control us,…
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Lunching with Exploration Legends

When I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to travel and adventure just a few years ago, I had no idea where that would lead me. What went from a small intention of “I want to add more travel and adventure in my life” initially pushed me to begin traveling for work. I…
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Perceptions of Reality and Judgement

It’s funny the misconceptions we have about people. We see whatever life they paint about themselves on social media and create this image of who they are in our heads despite only having one very small piece, maybe even 10% at most, of the picture. I guess it’s just what we, as humans, do. This…
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Pain Blinds Us

Pain can bury a lifetime of good in an instant. This is an article that I’ve wanted to pen down for quite some time, but wasn’t quite sure how to tackle it. Well, today, a dear friend sent me an old video he had found of his cat that passed a few years back with…
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Removing Toxic Positivity

Recognizing, understanding, and removing yourself from toxic positivity. So, for a long time in life, I would hear the word “toxic” and eyeroll through my skull. It just seemed like another focused trend that sought to bring some overly dramatic nomenclature to things that could be addressed simply. It still sort of is, but what…
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