Pain Blinds Us

Pain can bury a lifetime of good in an instant. This is an article that I’ve wanted to pen down for quite some time, but wasn’t quite sure how to tackle it. Well, today, a dear friend sent me an old video he had found of his cat that passed a few years back with…
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Removing Toxic Positivity

Recognizing, understanding, and removing yourself from toxic positivity. So, for a long time in life, I would hear the word “toxic” and eyeroll through my skull. It just seemed like another focused trend that sought to bring some overly dramatic nomenclature to things that could be addressed simply. It still sort of is, but what…
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Good and Evil

A look at the polarizing way we look at people and the reasons it needs to stop. We have a tendency towards absolutes because they make us feel comfortable. Absolutes are simple, and complexity can make us uncomfortable and unsure, which is why our brains like to categorize things this way. Well, we have come…
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A Good Leader

A look into what makes a good leader and what leadership qualities one should exhibit So, we have all had to follow someone else’s lead at one point or another and that leads to the thought, what makes a good leader? I have been told since I was little that I was a natural-born leader…
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Fortune Favors the Bold

A glimpse into the reasons courage is necessary to succeed in life I’m sure you have heard the common saying, “Fortune favors the bold” before now, or at least some permutation of it. From my personal experiences, I can tell you that evidence strongly leans that way. And as I began to think on why,…
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Making Ripples

A look into the effects we have on the people we know and our environments In life, we often spend too much of our time focused on survival and not enough time focused on the greater picture. Well, when I say that, I mean “we” as a species. I spend far too much time contemplating…
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