The Answer to Existential Dread

Existential Dread is a common mental trap, but you don’t need to stay trapped. Many people are plagued by the question, “What happens to me after I die?”. I still remember the first time it hit me. I was very young, maybe six or seven, and I asked my dad that very question. He gave…
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Fear Must be Faced

Fear may not be the most pleasant topic, but it is a highly important one. Since I was little, I have always struggled with fear. I was terrified of just about everything, from the darkness to even simply interacting with my fellow man. Eventually, enough was enough. Fear kept me miserable, barring me from any…
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The Evolution of the Mind

An introspective on growth and the way forward. We spend most of our time thinking, but rarely do we stop to think about our own thinking. Why would we do such a thing? Focus on the mind? It leads to a better understanding of ourselves and the reasons we react to the world around us…
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Moderation in a World of Polarization

A commentary on society’s urge to go all in, when people should likely fall somewhere in the middle Recently, especially when it comes to social media, society seems to have adapted the idea that you’re either in support of something or completely against it. That kind of thinking often leads to a mob mentality and…
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An Analysis on Perspective

Something that I love to say is, “We all have blind spots in life. Sometimes, we need someone else’s perspective to see things that are blind to us.” And it’s true- perspective is a key element of life that we often overlook, but it’s incredibly important. What we say to people, how we present ourselves,…
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The Magic of Physics

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be changed, right? “I, Malorie, exist as my whole self- physical body and higher self-included. But, perhaps, after this life I will never exist as Malorie again? Maybe my energies will bond with aspects of the energy of others to create a whole new person in…
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