The Strangest Mythical and Spiritual Destinations that You Should Visit Around the World

It’s no secret that we absolutely adore talking about weird places. But what about those that aren’t exactly weird, but spiritually charged? You just feel an energy shift the moment you arrive in those destinations and everything around you seems a bit too good to be true. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about…
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How To Use Astrology To Bring Luck into Your Life

Wondering how you can bring more luck into your life? It can be incredibly frustrating if you are someone who never seems lucky, especially when you have other people in your life who always seem to have good fortune. Many people believe that astrology can play a huge role in luck, so this is certainly…
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Lunar Phases and Emotional Energy: How the Moon Affects Our Mood and Behavior

Once upon a time, people looked up at the night sky and saw more than just twinkling stars. They saw a celestial dance between the moon and the Earth, believing that the moon’s phases held secrets about our emotions and behaviors. And even though we now know a lot more about astronomy and the Moon,…
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The Spiritual Significance of Solar Eclipses

It’s no secret that solar eclipses are fascinating celestial events. They have captivated humanity for thousands of years, and they always had such a strong spiritual meaning for mankind. And we’re talking about spiritual significance across ALL cultures, from ancient Greece to ancient Egypt, solar eclipses were interpreted as a message from the gods. To…
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How Crystals Make Astral Traveling Easy

Astral traveling, also known as astral projection, is the ability to consciously leave the physical body and explore different planes of existence. It is a practice that has fascinated spiritual seekers and explorers for centuries. And even though we’re more familiar with physical travel, we decided to give this practice a closer look as well.…
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How Consciousness and Meditation are Related

If you ask me, consciousness and meditation go hand in hand. As someone who has been constantly working on my meditation practice for several years, I can passionately tell you that I think meditation is one of the greatest tools we have to allow us to understand our consciousness in hopes to learn more about…
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The Strange Charms of Esoteric Festivals and Rituals

Esoteric festivals and rituals, shrouded in mystique and steeped in ancient traditions, beckon individuals into realms where spirituality intertwines with cultural heritage. These enigmatic celebrations traverse time and culture, drawing participants into ceremonies imbued with deep symbolic meanings, spiritual significance, and a sense of connection to the cosmos. But even if you’re not exactly familiar…
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Unveiling the Wisdom Within: A Comprehensive Guide to Casting and Reading Divination Stones

Divination, the art of seeking insights and guidance from mystical sources, has been practiced across cultures and civilizations for centuries. One intriguing and ancient method involves the use of divination stones, also known as casting, rune, or throwing stones. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the history, preparation, casting techniques, and interpretation methods associated…
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Starting the New Year Right: Annual Crystal Cleansing Rituals

It’s the beginning of a new year, and every true crystal lover knows what that means — it’s also time for some good old crystal cleaning! It’s not just about recharging and cleansing your precious gems, but also getting them ready for a year filled with positive vibes and energy. But, we have to warn…
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Lessons I Learned After a Friend’s Death

Dealing with the death of someone dear to us is never easy, to say the absolute least. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things we’ll go through in our lives. While our first initial instinct is to close ourselves off from the world, likely as a failed attempt to protect ourselves from any more…
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