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Road Trips! The Benefit of Letting Go and Traveling the Open Road

Many travelers prefer going on a road trip because it is a great opportunity to explore and view the world while keeping complete control in your own hands. As you know, visiting random places can certainly provide an exciting travel experience. And most road trips invite random places in along the journey. You can also…
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Medical Breakthrough Chairs Provide Much-Needed Post-Travel Stress Relief

As stress has been at an all-time high, not just for me but for all travelers out there in these super busy travel months, I thought I’d write another piece about travel and health, more specifically, about getting regular massages, whether it be from a professional or even a Medical Breakthrough massage chair. You heard…
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Cute Transitional Summer Pieces for All Your Adventures

While we’re getting close to the end of summer this year, there seems to be no end in sight to the warm weather. Temperatures are still rising, and vacations are booming. Since everyone has been stuck in their homes the last couple of years, it appears most of the world is ready to head back…
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Is Traveling the Best Idea Right Now? Let’s Analyze What It Means to Travel this Summer

Most of the world associates summer with vacations and travel plans. However, a lot of travelers have also encountered numerous problems during their summer travels. In particular, after the pandemic, the influx of travelers is so extreme that many are having negative experiences. So, is traveling the best idea right now? To answer this question,…
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The Best Bras to Wear While Traveling: Advice from a Bra Specialist

When traveling, it’s important to consider a variety of bra types and styles to bring with you to wear on your trip. As someone who spent over 5 years working as a bra specialist, I’m here to heavily encourage you to wear a bra as much as possible, especially in stressful situations such as traveling.…
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Here’s Some Advice From Flight Attendants to Make Your Busy Summer Travel More Manageable

As you know, airports are busiest during summer because of the increased demand for air travel. They’re even more insanely busy now with the release of the COVID-19 pandemic requirements, as people are traveling in record numbers. In fact, a lot of flights are being canceled for various reasons. As such, it is typical that…
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