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What It’s Like on a Plane Right Now During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I Flew During the COVID-19 Pandemic so You Don’t Have to …but Maybe You’ll Want to After Reading This That’s right. I did it. I braved the world and flew across the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. Was I scared? I was a little worried at first. But airlines have really stepped up their…
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Reconnect with Your Inner Child During Quarantine to Create New Adventures

It’s definitely a scary time in the world right now. No one loves quarantine. And one thing is certain: traveling for leisure is pretty much off the table for the next year. I had a big volunteer gig planned in South Africa in May that, of course, could not happen. And my future trip plans…
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The Ultimate Packing List for Any Occasion

The Essential Packing List One of the worst things that can happen when you are traveling is to forget a pivotal item. There was one vacation I went on as a teenager where I forgot to pack my entire top drawer! I had no underwear, bras, socks, or swimsuits. Having to run by Target to…
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Scuba Diving is One of the Greatest Activities to Try on Vacation!

I remember when the idea of Scuba Diving was just that- it was an idea. It was something that I saw on television or in the movies, but it didn’t seem like a real thing that I could personally do. But then, I was given the opportunity to scuba dive on a press trip, and…
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The Best Websites to Use to Plan Your Travel

Just a few decades ago, in order to book the trip of your life, you would have to consult with a travel professional. In fact, it was incredibly common to use a travel agent to set up even the simplest vacation. Then, technology happened. With technology at our fingertips and the internet becoming something none…
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Planning the Most Epic Irish Adventure

Traveling to Ireland is definitely an adventure in itself. The lush, green countryside, the centuries-old stone architecture, and the castles appearing on the horizon all over the place truly make it feel as if you are in a fairy tale. Everywhere in Ireland is so rich with history that even staying in Dublin the whole…
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