Montana Huntress Kills and Skins a Husky, Confusing it with a Wolf

Breaking News as of 9/28/22: I’m trying to put together the words… usually I leave this stuff alone completely, but this is beyond disturbing. Montana huntress Amber Rose Barnes was responsible for killing and skinning a husky that she thought was a wolf. She then proceeded to brag about it on social media (see her…
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5 Places that are Actually Perpetually Burning

Last summer, many places around the world experienced wildfires. Fortunately, the firefighters were able to get rid of these intense fires. However, several places around the world have been burning for years or even millennia, in a ‘natural’ and ‘fairly controlled’ manner. These fires were originally witnessed or caused by humans through their drilling activities.…
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The Most Famous Lost Treasures Throughout History

As you know, numerous famous treasures have existed from around the world throughout time. While it may seem like a relic of the past, our world society is still very much enthralled by the idea of finding a lost treasure. Most of these historical famous treasures were used as a symbol of splendor, opulence, and…
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all-you-need-to-know-about-the-tombstone-house-in-petersburg-va (3)

All You Need to Know About the Tombstone House in Petersburg, Virginia

Petersburg, Virginia is rich in history. After all, many soldiers died during the siege of Petersburg during the Civil War. One unusual building that embedded the Civil War history in its walls is the Tombstone House. As its name implies, this building is made of tombstones, and it has been an iconic landmark in Petersburg,…
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the-death-of-bonnie-and-clyde (1)

The Death of Bonnie and Clyde (and the Car they Left Behind)

Bonnie and Clyde, a dynamic duo shrouded in mystery and crime. As more and more time passes by after their deaths, the more they get set into legend, and the harder it is to separate out the truths from the legends of this infamous couple. Why were they so beloved? Well, they rose to infamy…
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The Story of Robert the Doll, One of the Most Cursed Artifacts that Exists Today

As you know, there are numerous famed cursed artifacts scattered around the world. Many people believe that the mysterious objects bring misfortune to their owners. Robert the Doll is, perhaps, one of the most cursed artifacts that exists today. He is most definitely one of the most infamous, at least. People who have encountered this…
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