The Most Breathtaking Hikes to Do in Washington State

One of the best features of Washington State is its hiking trails. After all, Washington is full of gorgeous greenery and stunning landscapes. In fact, more and more hikers are going to this state to enjoy its magnificent views. Best of all, the hiking trails in this are fit not only for advanced hikers but…
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The Strangest Things to Do in Indiana

The state of Indiana is known for its magnificent museums and beautiful landscapes. In fact, most of the top travel destinations in Indiana are museums and other educational places. It’s also known for being smack dab in the middle of the United States, as emphasized by the state being the home of the Hecks in…
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The Beautiful Hiking Trails in Colorado

Colorado is a paradise for adventurers and nature lovers, thanks to its beautiful natural landscapes. In fact, it’s so gorgeous that hiking is a popular activity in this state, whether it be for locals or tourists, and there are a countless variety of trails, ranging from easy to challenging expeditions. So, what are the most…
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Strange Findings You Have to Visit Near Area 51

Area 51, a secret location wrapped up deeply in lure, myth, mystery, and gimmick- most definitely gimmick, too. I’ve never found myself having any burning desire to be around Area 51 and uncover its mysteries. After all, while I definitely believe that there could be life out there, I highly doubt it’s little green men…
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My Strange Experience in a Legal Brothel

I’ve mentioned before, when writing about my experience at a nude Roman Bath, that we have distinctly Puritanical roots here in the United States. Perhaps, that’s why the idea of a brothel seems so shocking and dare I even say, disturbing. In fact, there are 8 countries in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Greece,…
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The World-Famous Clown Motel & Tonopah Cemetery  

Having been a lover of the unusual for most of my life, I had heard many stories about the World-Famous Clown Motel in Tonopah and the old mining cemetery that lies directly next to the creepy clown-filled property. So, when we decided to go on a road trip for VIVA GLAM Magazine throughout Nevada and…
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