The Spider Pool – Old Hollywood History & Lore

I love emphasizing how weird our world is in both my show and my blog here. Part of that is focusing on old myths and legends. Every place has its own weird history and lore that most don’t know about. Usually, the locals of an area know much more about this than anyone else. Well,…
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The Best Places to Hang in Richmond, VA

Having grown up around Richmond, Virginia, I definitely have my favorite places to visit each time I head home for a holiday. Some of them have become incredibly mainstream over the years, while others are still quite little places for me to enjoy. Regardless, if you ever find yourself in RVA for the day, I…
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Leo Carrillo State Beach

There is no shortage of beaches in California. There’s basically a beach for every day and occasion. But, for me, Leo Carrillo State Beach easily takes the award for best beach around. I found out about this beach the first year I moved to Los Angeles because I filmed a movie about surfing there. The…
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My Quarantine Journey- Learning the Power of the Mind

Harnessing the Power of the Mind The mind is an incredibly powerful tool that we tend to take for granted. In fact, our brain controls all bodily functions from movement to speech to memory and the function of our limbs and organs. Many scientists and civilians alike believe the mind can also harness powers that…
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Harness Your Intuition at The Monroe Institute

I’m going to get a little personal and talk about something “weird” (weird in a unique and endearing way) that is important to me that you may or may not know. I grew up very intuitive, and I naturally believe in a religion that I refer to as Christian Mysticism. Basically, I believe in God,…
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Solvang, a Cute Danish Village in Wine Country

In my opinion, one of the greatest treasures you can find around the world is a small-town village. Especially when traveling throughout the United States, it’s always a complete joy to discover little European-type villages scattered across the countryside. One of the most famous and most enjoyable of these little towns in California is Solvang,…
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