The Weirdest Roadside Attractions You Can Find Throughout the US

Road trips are not complete without visiting roadside attractions. And roadside attractions are generally known for being… strange. As you know, you can find hidden gems while you’re traveling by car. Some of these places offer beautiful views, while others feature unusual things. If you’re looking for strange tourist spots, here are some of the…
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Maymont: A Treasure in Richmond, Virginia

Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, I was lucky to be surrounded by some of the most famous historical rivers, breathtaking greenery, and lots and lots of trees. Perhaps, one of the most important things I’m grateful for was growing up next to Maymont Park and getting to picnic at one of the most beautifully diverse…
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bunnyhenge-a-controversial-sculpture-in-newport-beach (1)

Bunnyhenge: A Unique Sculpture with Controversy

Whoever thought that a grouping of 14 bunny statues would become a hot button in politics? But I guess, today, anything is possible. And Bunnyhenge is proof of that. Bunnyhenge is an art statue in a sculpture park in Orange County that is just what you expect it to be- a circle of 14 bunnies…
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Did You Know that California has Banned Travel to the Following States?

In 2016, California lawmakers passed a law that bans non-essential travel to several states that have laws that discriminate against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. This law is known as Assembly Bill No. 1887 (AB 1887). So, what is this legislation all about, and what are the states included in the California…
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The Weirdest Laws that Exist in the United States

The United States has a diverse and rich culture all its own. Aside from offering numerous strange and unusual tourist attractions, some states also have really weird laws. You have to know these laws so that you can avoid them when you visit these states. Or maybe just so you can laugh about them and…
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The Most Haunted Places You Can Visit in Virginia

When it comes to the best historic destinations in the United States, Virginia is on the top of the list. From one of the 13 colonies to the home of many of our early presidents to the home of Pocahontas, Virginia has seen a lot of historical footprints. Remember, this state is known as the…
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