My Quarantine Journey- Learning the Power of the Mind

Harnessing the Power of the Mind The mind is an incredibly powerful tool that we tend to take for granted. In fact, our brain controls all bodily functions from movement to speech to memory and the function of our limbs and organs. Many scientists and civilians alike believe the mind can also harness powers that…
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Harness Your Intuition at The Monroe Institute

I’m going to get a little personal and talk about something “weird” (weird in a unique and endearing way) that is important to me that you may or may not know. I grew up very intuitive, and I naturally believe in a religion that I refer to as Christian Mysticism. Basically, I believe in God,…
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Solvang, a Cute Danish Village in Wine Country

In my opinion, one of the greatest treasures you can find around the world is a small-town village. Especially when traveling throughout the United States, it’s always a complete joy to discover little European-type villages scattered across the countryside. One of the most famous and most enjoyable of these little towns in California is Solvang,…
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Dinosaur Kingdom II Tells the Eccentric Tale of Civil War Soldiers Fighting the Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Kingdom II is not your normal road-side attraction. Inspired by the innovative mind of artist Mark Cline, this fun, immersive experience is much more than just something to look at. The park announces, “Them wacky Yankees is at it again. Tryin’ to use living dinosaurs as weapons of mass destruction against the South. But…
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Glen Ivy Natural Hot Springs

Glen Ivy is the perfect serene getaway for someone who needs a day off from their busy life. Glen Ivy is a natural hot spring out in Corona, California that offers spa and salon services to guests, as well as just a generic day-spa getaway. You must book and pay extra for massage services and…
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Sequoia National Park: Crystal Cave & Tokopah Valley Trail

As I’ve said before, if you live in Southern California, a day trip (or a weekend trip) to Sequoia National Park is a must. Spread out wide across from King’s Canyon National park and conveniently 3 ½ to 4 hours from Los Angeles is Sequoia, featuring miles of hiking trails, streams, cascades, wild life, caves,…
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