5 Places that are Actually Perpetually Burning

Last summer, many places around the world experienced wildfires. Fortunately, the firefighters were able to get rid of these intense fires. However, several places around the world have been burning for years or even millennia, in a ‘natural’ and ‘fairly controlled’ manner. These fires were originally witnessed or caused by humans through their drilling activities.…
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All You Need to Know About the Hello Kitty Airplane

Today, the Hello Kitty airplane is gaining popularity because of the unique travel experience it provides. I mean, I heard about it in passing and then spent hours researching it. It’s such a unique and exciting opportunity for those lucky enough to find themselves on this specific plane. So, if you’re a fan of this…
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The Strangest Places to See in Japan

Japan is, perhaps, one of the most talked-about countries in the world, with its cohesive culture and rich history. However, like anywhere else around the world, this country also has a weird side. To be specific, it offers several unusual or bizarre tourist attractions that will make your trip a memorable one. So, what are…
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The Most Enchanting Forest Destinations to Visit Around the World

Being surrounded by the beauty of nature is an ethereal experience. Forests can make us feel as if we are living in a fairy tale, as if we don’t have a care in the world, and like we are children again. Aside from that, walking through a forest can also provide some health perks, like…
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These Weird Destinations in Asia will Blow Your Mind

Asia is a popular tourist destination. How could it not be with the vast landscape that it takes up? There are so many things to do throughout the many countries that make up Asia. One of the many reasons that Asia is so popular is because it is a budget-friendly destination compared to other continents.…
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What is a Spirit House? All You Need to Know About Spirit Houses in Cambodia

As a soon-to-be master of the occult, one of my absolute favorite things to do is learn about the strange and/or paranormal traditions that exist around the world. What a culture believes as a whole really does tell you so much about where the community came from, why its current traditions work the way they…
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