10 Instagram Posts To Give You Major Travel Inspo

Since we can’t really go out right now and experience the world, let me help you build up your travel bucket list for the day we can all step outside and wander again. In the future, we’ll cover the top travel blogs of all time! But, for now, let me share these photos from my…
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What is a Spirit House? All You Need to Know About Spirit Houses in Cambodia

As I was working on an archaeological dig in Cambodia last year, I quickly discovered that almost every home in Cambodia has a spirit house. What is a spirit house? It’s a small bird-house like roofed structure that sits on a pillar. They are generally made with extremely bright colors. Spirit houses are found outside…
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My Archaeological Experience in Cambodia

For those who don’t know, I decided to volunteer this summer at an archaeological dig in Cambodia. P’teah Cambodia: ProjecT Excavating Ancient Households was an excavation lead by Drs. Miriam Stark and Alison Carter. The goal of the dig was to discover how people lived back during the Pre-Angkorian, Angkorian, and Post-Angkorian periods. While scientists…
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A Day at Shanghai Disney Resort

Though it took me a 14-hour plane ride to make it to Shanghai from Los Angeles, somehow the flight seemed relatively easy and painless. There were plenty of meals, and perhaps the overnight aspect of it made the time fly by faster. Whatever it may be, getting to Shanghai was easy for me. Getting to…
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The Temples of Angkor: Ta Prohm, Angkor Thom, and Angkor Wat

When the Temples of Angkor are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is Angkor Wat. In fact, many people believe that Angkor Wat is the only temple within the structure, not having heard otherwise. However, Angkor Wat is actually just one single temple within the city of Angkor, and it…
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APOPO Works with African Giant Pouched Rats to Detect Landmines throughout Africa and Cambodia

On my recent trip to Cambodia, I had no idea that landmines were such a problem until I arrived. As Cambodia was plagued with three decades of recent war, there are landmines scattered all across the countryside, abandoned and ready to detonate at any moment. This is clearly a real danger, especially to the farmers,…
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