The Rock of Dunamase

Let’s go on an epic adventure through the Irish countryside! One of the best places to start? The Rock of Dunamase! It is, after all, close to Dublin. And, in my opinion, it’s magical. You see, when I first visited the Rock of Dunamase, it was close to sunrise, and from my position on the…
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He’s Here! The Phantom of the Opera! (The Opera Garnier)

The story of The Phantom of the Opera has always interested me since I was young. It originated from a book by Gaston Leroux, who supposedly swore on his deathbed that the story was true. People have spent their lives studying the Opera Garnier, where the story occurred, trying to prove the truth behind it.…
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The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel is an ancient castle found in the lower, middle land of Ireland in Tipperary. Damian and I had the honor of visiting there, and it seemed to transport us into an ancient, religious time. This large castle was once the seat of the King of Munster until 1101, when it was…
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St. Anne’s Park

St. Anne’s Park was the perfect way to start my adventure in Dublin. Despite the entrance being grand, it is almost as if it is hidden away, as there is no prominent sign. One of my favorite travel stories, actually, happened here. I was sure we were in the right place, however, my husband was…
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“This is the Empire of the Dead”- The Catacombs of Paris

The Catacombs of Paris are, perhaps, one of the most interesting places to visit in Paris. They are eerily beautiful and still. Yes, the catacombs are touristy, but no more than any other attraction in the city. In fact, you will find many locals there, as well. This spot is such a gem that you…
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A Letter from the Past: Serbia and England- 2009

While looking through old documents on my computer, I stumbled upon a letter I had written for class upon traveling abroad to Belgrade, Serbia and Herefordshire, England. Upon re-reading this so many years after the event, I found this to be a pretty remarkable piece that addressed our process and lives as we found ourselves…
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