Visiting Barcelona? Make Sure You See These Five Locations 

Are you planning to visit Barcelona? As one of the largest cities in Spain, Barcelona has a lot to offer. This city is a major cultural, economic, and financial center in Europe. But even though this is one of Europe’s trendiest cities, don’t underestimate the warmth and welcoming nature of the local people living there. …
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Bulgaria: The Small European Country That Will Take Your Breath Away

Travel is finally making a comeback. Actually… it’s knocking down walls. After many of us felt uncomfortable with trans-continental travel over the last two years, 2023 could be the time when we finally hop on a plane to Europe again. But what countries should you visit? While most people will opt for tourist hotspots such as…
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5 Things You Have To Consider Before Visiting The Vatican City

One place that has always fascinated me is Vatican City. Whether you are Christian or not, visiting the Vatican while on a trip to Rome will be absolutely worth your time and money. It’s full of history, stunning architecture, and culture. However, before you decide to go, there are a few things that you have…
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Looking For A Fresh Start? This Italian Town May Pay You To Live There

Are you currently daydreaming about leaving everything behind and starting a new, exciting life in a foreign country? If the answer is yes, we have the perfect location for you. Because one of Italy’s sunniest towns, Presicce, is willing to potentially pay you to live there. And no, we are not making this up. You’ve…
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Five Locations You Don’t Want To Miss Out On When Visiting Berlin

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or just some delicious food, Berlin has a lot to offer. This city is renowned for the diversity of its cultures and its global way of life. However, if you delve below its brilliance, you will discover a challenging, contentious past. The capital city of Germany has it all: modern…
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Lukomir: The Bosnian Mountain Village Frozen In Time

Social media, hustle culture, and the fear of missing out. Living in this modern world really takes a toll on both our mental and physical health. As many advantages as technology brings, it’s also associated with a lot of additional stress. How amazing would it be to find a time machine and go back in…
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The Most Breathtaking Medieval Destinations Rich in History

The medieval era was an iconic period in history, one many of us wish we could have experienced (mostly). It includes the time between the Roman Empire and the Renaissance period. Even though this iconic era was more than 500 years ago, its impressive architecture has survived in numerous destinations. In fact, many cities feature…
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The Weirdest Castles that Exist in Scotland

Scotland is a country filled with rich history and ancient landmarks. Aside from that, it also features beautiful landscapes and rolling hills. Of course, let’s not forget the numerous castles scattered around the country that will reveal more about its history. However, not all castles in Scotland are grand and majestic. Some have weird features…
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The Most Unusual Things to See While Visiting Greece

Greece is an amazing tourist destination. After all, its land is filled with beautiful landscapes, like snow-clad mountains. Aside from that, the country also offers ancient sites for those who love history. Of course, you can’t forget its white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. With all these great features, a trip to Greece will surely be…
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The Weirdest Attractions to Visit in Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is famous for its iconic tourist attractions, like the Fernsehturm and The Brandenburg Gate. However, this city has another side to it, like most places do. Hidden inside the metropolitan area are weird attractions that will provide a unique travel experience for all those who love the unusual. After all,…
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