Some of the Most Famous Locations that Encourage Guests to be Naked

One of the rising travel trends of today is nakations or naked vacations. In fact, more and more free-spirited people are trying this trend to feel empowered and for a unique experience. However, there are only a couple of places that encourage nakations. So, if you’re searching for naked-friendly destinations, here are some of the…
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The Most Legendary Castles to Visit in Scotland

If you’re interested in castles, Scotland is the perfect destination for you. After all, this country is the home of thousands of castles. By visiting these attractions, you can learn more about the country’s history. Plus, visiting castles can just ignite that sense of mystery and excitement in most people. So, they’re a fantastic place…
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The Most Legendary Castles to Visit in Eastern Europe

Castles represent a vital part of the culture and heritage of Europe. Remember, these buildings used to be the homes of the rich and noble, of kings, emperors, and popes. Plus, the technology used to build these great structures can reflect a significant progress of civilization. Today, millions of travelers are attracted to these beautiful…
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The Best Places Around the World to Visit if You Enjoy the Legend of the Banshee

All supernatural creatures have origins from different cultures around the world. Each one has a fascinating history that has been forged from tales moving from one generation to the next. One fascinating creature that tops our list of favorite legends is the banshee. According to one legend, this creature is a wailing or shrieking female…
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The Best Places Around the World to Visit if You Enjoy the Legend of the Werewolves

Werewolves, also known as Lycanthropes, have become one of the most famous cryptozoological legends that exist today. Throughout history, there are records of werewolf trials that span across the world. These are useful in helping us to guess the origin of the werewolf legend. In fact, there are several countries associated with this creature. As…
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The Most Legendary Castles You Have to Visit in Ireland

Ireland is popular for its rolling green hills, delightful people, gorgeous natural sights, and its centuries-old castles. In fact, when you travel to this country, you may be overwhelmed by the number of castles you can visit, ranging from the Norman and Viking periods to the invasion of the English people. I mean, when I…
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