You Should Pay a Visit to these Weirdest Beaches from Around the World

When we think about a beach, the picture of white or yellow sand and rolling waves often comes to mind. We generally think of relaxing, mainstream travel. However, this type of destination comes in various shapes and colors. In fact, there are several beaches that you might find strange or weird because of their unique…
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The Most Exciting Beach Caves to Explore Across the World

It may go without saying, but beach caves are incredible creations. Not only are they a breathtaking natural phenomenon, they also make for the perfect tourist destinations. Typically, these rock formations are created by the power of water and wind, which usually takes hundreds or thousands of years to fully form. As such, beach caves…
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Weird History 101: You Should Check Out These Strange Historical Destinations

For the past thousand years, people have lived, lost, created, built, and, inevitably, produced amazing historical sites. Now, clearly these sites don’t become historical until they’ve had years of experience and story to share with the world. While some of these places have enchanting features, others have a little bit of mystery, making them more…
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Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is a charming little fishing village located in the South of France– about two hours out from Cannes. It has the serene nature of a small town but a personality all its own. There’s a bustling marina, charming little parks, cute beaches, and beautiful scenic views. Aside from being famous for being the…
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It’s Beethoven 2020! And Here’s How You Can Celebrate Beethoven’s 250th Anniversary!

It’s the 250th anniversary of Beethoven, and the famed composer’s face is all over Bonn, Germany to remind its residents and guests that Beethoven was born there in Bonn in 1770. Beethoven gets associated with Vienna, as that’s where he composed his greatest works, but you should never forget that his career started in Bonn.…
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Cannes, France at the Cannes Film Festival

Last year, I received the blessing of attending the Cannes Film Festival to film for a show I was working on. We didn’t just stay at a hotel, we rented a flat for the duration of the event and lived a block from the event festivities. That was a truly remarkable experience to get to…
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