The Most Exciting Beach Caves to Explore Across the World

It may go without saying, but beach caves are incredible creations. Not only are they a breathtaking natural phenomenon, they also make for the perfect tourist destinations. Typically, these rock formations are created by the power of water and wind, which usually takes hundreds or thousands of years to fully form. As such, beach caves…
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How Travel Can Make You a More Well-Rounded Person

A lot of travelers claim that after you travel, you’ll come home a different person. After all, being forced out of your familiar surroundings and routines can do a number on you. It can help you to expand your horizons and think outside of the box. It can also even make you more empathetic to…
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Weird History 101: You Should Check Out These Strange Historical Destinations

For the past thousand years, people have lived, lost, created, built, and, inevitably, produced amazing historical sites. Now, clearly these sites don’t become historical until they’ve had years of experience and story to share with the world. While some of these places have enchanting features, others have a little bit of mystery, making them more…
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Why You Should Embrace Travel Now More than Ever Before

For almost two years, thanks to a global pandemic and many hardships, most of the people of the world have stayed indoors. Now that the travel industry is opening back up again, many are yearning to pack their bags, leave the house, and see the world. Others, on the other hand, are still afraid to…
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The Spookiest Haunted Houses You Can Actually Spend the Night In

Most of us like to hear stories about ghosts, but few dare to experience the thrill of meeting spirits and other-worldly beings. If you’re one of the few out there who loves a spooky challenge, then you can visit a haunted house. Better yet, you can spend the night in one! In fact, there are…
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The Strangest Places You Can Visit Around the World

When planning a trip, most people immediately plan to see the same, mainstream places. In other words, most people head to places packed with tourists. Of course, tourists destination, like the Eiffel Tower, are beautiful, cultural, and interesting. However, there are some people who like to see and visit unusual places. For instance, this is…
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