California Has an Actual Glass Beach: Here’s Everything You Have to Know Before You Visit

If you’re currently planning a trip to California, there’s one place that we would strongly encourage you to explore — the Glass Beach. Yep, you heard that right – it’s a beach made of glass! Intrigued? Honestly, how could you not be? And to keep things short and simple — this place is just as…
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The Strangest Things That Can Happen On Airplanes

Airplanes make traveling SO MUCH easier. However, I have to be honest — I’m still terrified of flying. Living in Europe means that I have access to some incredibly cheap airplane tickets, but I still often choose to do a ridiculously long road trip instead. And honestly, after doing a little bit of research about…
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Weird Travel: The Strangest Themed Restaurants You Just Have to Experience

One of my favorite travel activities is, without a doubt, eating out. Of course, there are some amazing restaurants and delicious food wherever you go. But it’s not just about satisfying hunger — it’s about the experience. And personally, I prefer the establishments that embrace the weird and quirky world of themed dining. Let me…
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Weird Travel: The Most Unusual Accommodations You Can Stay in Around the World

Are you bored of ordinary travel or you’re not too keen on staying in hotels? Then we have just what you are looking for — a list of the most unusual accommodations that you can stay in across the world. From sleeping in a hotel sculpted entirely from salt to cozying up in a room…
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Chicago Unveiled: Essential Tips for Making the Most of Your Trip

Travelers in search of a diverse array of cultural experiences, historical landmarks, culinary delights, and exciting nightlife will find Chicago, a lively and ever-changing metropolis situated around Lake Michigan, to be an enticing destination. The ideal Chicago vacation is the result of a combination of careful preparation and exciting activities. Attractions abound for sightseers, from…
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Exploring Dallas with Kids: Top 5 Outdoor Adventures

Dallas, TX is one of the destinations that never fails to amaze visitors with its unique charm and plethora of family-friendly activities. Beyond its skyscrapers and bustling streets, there are tons of outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your kids and families while you are exploring Dallas. From sprawling parks to interactive museums, Dallas…
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The Strangest Places to Visit in Texas

Ahh, Texas. The land of cowboy culture, Tex-Mex cuisine, and southern hospitality. This is the side of Texas that we all know and love. However, it’s not the only side that there is. The massive state is also home to many hidden gems and offbeat attractions, and that’s exactly what we’re going to explore today.…
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Deadvlei, Nambia — The Dark, the Dead, and the Desert

Most deserts don’t seem too fascinating at first glance, right? I mean, it’s mainly just sand dunes and rocks. Well, think again, because Namibia’s most beautiful landscapes – Deadvlei, proves that deserts can be utterly spectacular. Located within the Namib Desert, Deadvlei captivates visitors with its breathtaking sights, ancient trees, and surreal surroundings. So, join…
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Famous Non-Egyptian Mummies Found Around the World

I think it’s safe to say that when one uses the word “mummy”, people almost always immediately think about Egyptian mummies. However, there are plenty of non-Egyptian mummies that exist around the world, and many are equally as famous as some of the big-named pharaohs. Specifically, I’ve been on two press trips where I’ve found…
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The Strangest Facts About Paranormal Activity That Will Make You Believe In Ghosts

It’s no secret that we’re firm believer of the paranormal world around here. However, we’re also aware of the fact that a lot of our readers are still somewhat skeptical. After all, there has yet to be valid scientific data to support the idea of ghosts. And that’s why we have decided to unearth some…
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