How to Manifest Travel and Adventure into Your Life

The mind is a powerful tool. After all, we manifest what we want in our lives whether we are conscious of it or not. That means that the more we focus on something, the more likely it is to become a bigger part of our lives. So, the best way to bring more travel and…
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Everything You Need to Know Before You Take Your Ultimate Vacation

Don’t Pack Your Bags for Your Vacation Until You Are Fully Prepared It’s time for your vacation! Most people now-a-days book their travel without any travel agent, agenda, or any real plan. It’s almost romantic to just throw your worries out the window and hop on a plane to find your inner peace, wherever you…
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The Tulum Archaeological Site

I had never seen an archaeological site on the beach until I visited Tulum. Those are two things you definitely wouldn’t normally think of as going together. But, apparently, when combined, archaeological sites and beaches paint a serene picture together, one you will never forget. What a unique experience! Something about old stone structures such…
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The Terrifying Mummies of Guanajuato

When I was visiting Guanajuato, my friend told me that I had to see the mummy museum. I wasn’t a bit concerned; after all, I had been to the Catacombs of Paris. This was no where near as many dead bodies as I saw there. However, when we got to the mummy museum, I was…
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Sequoia National Park: Crystal Cave & Tokopah Valley Trail

As I’ve said before, if you live in Southern California, a day trip (or a weekend trip) to Sequoia National Park is a must. Spread out wide across from King’s Canyon National park and conveniently 3 ½ to 4 hours from Los Angeles is Sequoia, featuring miles of hiking trails, streams, cascades, wild life, caves,…
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Rock-a-Hoola: the Abandoned Water Park on the 15

Many people have seen this. It’s the abandoned water park that sits in desolate tranquility in the desert on the 15 between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Having gone back and forth between the two many times, I had seen it hiding there in plain sight. Little did I know, it’s open to visit. There…
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Ile Saint Marguerite, a Hidden Paradise off the Coast of Cannes

Are you looking for a grand adventure? Where do we even begin? Well, if you find yourself in Cannes, you should step away from the glitz and glam of the film festival and the personalities that you find there and hop on a boat to an island for a real adventure. That’s what I did…
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Alltournative Jungla Maya

Jungla Maya Native Park If you love adventure, then you need to connect with AllTourNative the next time you’re in the Cancun or Tulum areas. I had the pleasure of adventuring with Alltournative while I was staying at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. My tour group and I were picked up by Pablo, our guide…
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What To Do in Los Angeles at Halloween Time

It’s time for another Los Angeles Halloween. Many who know me know that I am the Queen of Halloween. I love getting into the Halloween spirit and trying all possible Halloween festivities at least once. My favorite thing I’ve done for Halloween in the Los Angeles area was attend the “Happy Haunts” tour at Disneyland…
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The Keys to the Kingdom Tour at Disney World

Tours at Disney Parks Most people don’t know this at all, but both Disneyland and Disney World actually offer a set of tours that anyone can sign up for. From a half day walking around with a guide and pointing out all the edible plants around the park, to trick or treating at Halloween with…
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