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The Unique Cable Car of Stuttgart

One of my favorite things about traveling is when I accidentally stumble into something super unique and very weird. When I was visiting Stuttgart this past month, this happened, and I was floored. We were on a press trip visiting some of the unique things around the Stuttgart area, and one of the things on…
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The Weirdest Encounters Reddit Users Had With Complete Strangers

The internet is a treasure trove of strange and eerie tales, and Reddit is no exception. From unexpected run-ins to downright bizarre situations, Reddit users have shared some of the most unsettling encounters they’ve had with complete strangers. These stories range from creepy and inexplicable to downright chilling, highlighting the unpredictable nature of human interactions.…
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The Weirdest Places You Can Visit in Orange County

Even though Orange County, California, is famous for its gorgeous beaches, luxury resorts, and fun theme parks, that isn’t the only thing that this place has to offer! If you have a taste for the unusual and quirky, the county is also home to a variety of strange and fascinating attractions. And lucky for you…
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Allegedly Haunted or Cursed Graves Around the United States

You know that we love to discuss two topics here: travel and paranormal activity. But what if we combine these two? As weird as it sounds, whenever I go on a trip to a new city I always love to do a cemetery tour. Especially if we’re talking about a bigger place with a rich…
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Witches’ Markets and Where to Find Them: A Shopper’s Guide to the Occult

Stepping into the world of witches’ markets is like entering a hidden realm where the mystical meets the mundane. These markets, found in various corners of the world, are troves of occult items, from herbs and potions to talismans and amulets. Whether you’re a practitioner of the craft, a curious onlooker, or a collector of…
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Cursed Roads in the US You Should Never Drive On

Summer is almost here, which means roadtrip season has started as well. There’s nothing quite like a road trip across the United States that ignites the spirit of adventurism and excitement. However, you have to remember one thing — not all roads are created equal. Some of them harbor creepy legends, tragic histories, and inexplicable…
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Reddit’s Wildest Stories About Unintentionally Finding a Corpse

You know how much I love to share morbid stories I find on Reddit. And honestly, I have come across so many of them that there’s probably a never-ending supply of articles like these. However, today’s topic is probably one of the darkest and most depressing I’ve ever shared. It’s about Redditors who have unintentionally…
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The Strangest Places You Can See in Upstate New York

Are you ready to join us on a journey unlike any other—a journey through the strange and wondrous landscapes of Upstate New York? Even though it may sound like a safe and ordinary place, it’s actually now. Upstate New York has a lot to offer, especially if you’re into quirky and weird attractions. From underground…
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The Most Haunted Places You Can Actually Visit in the US

It’s no secret that we love talking about weird and strange destinations. Spending a night in a haunted hotel? Sign me up! Visiting iconic cemeteries while exploring a new city? Just let me grab my bag. Exploring an abandoned asylum? I’m all in. There’s just something about these chilling and spine-tingling tales that makes my…
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Iconic Cursed Objects That You Can See in Museums

Museums are often regarded as repositories of history and culture, showcasing artifacts that offer insight into the past. However, not all of these artifacts have a warm & fuzzy past. Instead, they are shrouded in mystery and tales of misfortune and tragedy. And as you can probably guess — I am talking about cursed objects.…
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