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The Strangest Museums You’ve Never Heard Of

There’s nothing I love to do more while traveling than exploring museums. Except maybe the occasional travel shopping haul. However, each time I visit a new museum, I just feel like a child again. Suddenly, I’m reminded that there’s still so much to explore and see in the world. And museums don’t have to be…
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The Most Unusual Wedding Traditions from All Across the World

Let’s be real — weddings aren’t merely ceremonies. They are cultural celebrations that reflect our beliefs, values, and most importantly — traditions. So, it comes as no surprise that weddings are celebrated differently in every corner of the world. While some wedding customs are widely known, there are others that are incredibly specific to a…
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Randonautica and Beyond: The Strangest Unsolved Mysteries Told Online

Randonautica has become a commonplace activity for those who are looking for a sense of discovery and adventure! This infamous app sends random coordinates to your phone after you set an intention, allowing you a sense of adventure as you journey to the coordinates provided by the app. However, as with most things, the app…
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The Strangest Places to Visit Around the World

If you haven’t realized it yet, well… then I think maybe you aren’t paying attention to our site at all. But if you haven’t realized it yet, one of our favorite things to do at Malorie’s Adventures is to feature the strangest places from around the world. As an avid weirdo, I always seek out…
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The Serbian Dancing Lady: Urban Myth or Puzzling Reality?

The Serbian Dancing Lady is an intriguing urban legend that has fascinated people worldwide. According to the myth, a woman from Serbia has the extraordinary ability to levitate and dance in mid-air, defying gravity. In this article, we will explore the origins of this urban myth, examine the evidence presented, and discuss possible explanations for…
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The Most Terrifying Creatures from Irish Folklore

Irish folklore is a treasure trove of tales filled with mythical creatures that both fascinate and terrify. These creatures have been a part of Irish folklore for centuries, captivating the imaginations of generations. In this article, we will delve into the origins, characteristics, and chilling stories associated with some of the most terrifying creatures from…
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