Weird World Facts


Mind-Blowing World Facts They Don’t Teach in School 

Education is important, we already know that. However, as fun as it is to attend classes and learn new things, there are certain facts that they just don’t teach in school. Luckily — that’s what we’re here for! We decided to help you escape the boundaries of traditional school teachings and share with you some…
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The Strange Side of Psychology: Bizarre Behaviors and Unusual Studies

Even though we’re all about travel and exploring unusual places, there’s another thing that often captures our interest — psychology. This study of the mind and human behavior not only helps us understanding the complex way in which we function but also the patterns and behaviors that we’re constantly falling back into. However, psychology is…
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The Oddities of Nature: Animals and Plants That Defy Categorization

Nature is, without a doubt, the most powerful force in the universe. It’s the place where the ordinary gets the chance to become the extraordinary. And among the plethora of species of animals and plants that grace our planets, some of them aren’t as well known amongst the public. In fact, some of them are…
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The Most Unusual Wedding Traditions from All Across the World

Let’s be real — weddings aren’t merely ceremonies. They are cultural celebrations that reflect our beliefs, values, and most importantly — traditions. So, it comes as no surprise that weddings are celebrated differently in every corner of the world. While some wedding customs are widely known, there are others that are incredibly specific to a…
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The Fascinating Story of Josephine Baker: From Bully Victim To Civil Rights Icon

You already know how much we love to praise strong female role models here. And if there’s one that deserves our attention, it’s Josephine Baker. This strong activist lived a life that was nothing short of extraordinary. However, her humble beginnings are what set her apart from the rest. Once a victim of intense bullying,…
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Medicine and Mythology: An Introduction

Throughout the history of humanity, both the ideas of medicine and mythology have been of prime importance in the motivations of human activity. With a want for optimal health and a fear of death, medicine has been at the top of our societal focuses in different ways, despite older medical practices being… less than ideal.…
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