Medical Mythology and Folklore


The Strange Side of Psychology: Bizarre Behaviors and Unusual Studies

Even though we’re all about travel and exploring unusual places, there’s another thing that often captures our interest — psychology. This study of the mind and human behavior not only helps us understanding the complex way in which we function but also the patterns and behaviors that we’re constantly falling back into. However, psychology is…
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Medicine and Mythology: An Introduction

Throughout the history of humanity, both the ideas of medicine and mythology have been of prime importance in the motivations of human activity. With a want for optimal health and a fear of death, medicine has been at the top of our societal focuses in different ways, despite older medical practices being… less than ideal.…
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The Gruesome World of Victorian Medicine

The Victorian era, spanning from 1837 to 1901, was a time of great progress and innovation in many areas. However, when it came to medicine, the practices and treatments of the time were often gruesome and horrifying by today’s standards. And that’s putting it in a nice way. Honestly, learning about them, it’s not too…
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Unraveling the Tapestry of Bizarre Plagues in History: From Dancing Mania to Biting Nuns

Throughout history, humanity has faced various pandemics and plagues that have left an indelible mark on societies. While some are well-documented and widely known, others are shrouded in mystery, with bizarre symptoms and peculiar manifestations that defy conventional understanding. This exploration delves into some of the strangest plagues that have perplexed historians, scientists, and medical…
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Medicine and Mythology: The Unique History of the Voodoo Doll

When one thinks of a voodoo doll, they almost immediately go to a dark and evil place thanks to Hollywood, literature, and the masses spreading ideas on topics they don’t quite understand. As with many things, people saw voodoo dolls being utilized in the voodoo (or vodou) religion in the 1800s and immediately had knee-jerk…
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